How to Fix Uber Eats Checkout Not Loading and Won’t Let Me Place an Order

Ask Uber wheels to checkout and deliver your favorite meal!

Is the Checkout page on the Uber Eats app not loading?

Although unfortunate, recently this hiccup has been bothering a lot of foodies.

Uber Eats is the go-to service for people who like to try different cuisines from different restaurants but don’t like dining out unless it just doesn’t let you place an order.

So what’s the reason behind this and how to get it fixed? Let’s find out in today’s blog.

Fix Uber Eats Checkout Not Loading and won't let me place order

Why Uber Eats Won’t Let Me Place an Order and How to Fix?

One of the very popular food services, Uber Eats by Uber Technologies Inc. lets you order from local restaurants and get it delivered to your home very conveniently.

However, unless and until you check out the cart, the order won’t be successfully placed in the outlet.

Here are some factors that could be at play behind the issue:

  • Technical glitches in the app
  • Poor internet connectivity or server downtime
  • Device connected to active VPN service
  • Incorrect or outdated payment details
  • Restaurant is unavailable to accept the order
  • Deliver location not within serviceable range
  • Account related issues

Quick Answer

First resolve internet issues, try signing out and then singing in. Enter the correct payment details to fix this issue quickly.

Method 1: Force Close the App

Such issues may be due to temporary technical glitches within the app. When you Force Close the app, all its temporary data is deleted from the device’s memory.

1. In the Settings app, scroll down and tap on Apps.

2. Tap on App Management, select Uber Eats, and then tap on Force stop.

tap force stop

3. Wait for some time and restart the app to check if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Disable VPN

Uber Eats relies on your device’s location services to suggest nearby restaurants, cafes, and food outlets.

However, a VPN service masks your location to ensure anonymity and security. So, if the device is connected to one, it can cause difficulties for you ordering food.  

So, make sure to disconnect your phone if it is connected to any active VPN and then place an order on Uber Eats.

Method 3: Use a Different Payment Method

Sometimes this issue when attempting to place your order on Uber Eats could be limited to the payment method chosen. 

Let’s say you might be using an expired gift card or the balance may not be sufficient. So, unselect if any promotion is applied.

Similarly, your Debit or Credit card can also be the culprit here.

So, switch to a different method to pay on Uber Eats and check if that works.

Method 4: Order via Uber Eats Website or Try Another Device

If Uber Eats doesn’t let you place an order through the mobile app, you can visit the Uber Eats website on a web browser on your PC or smartphone to order food from your favorite restaurant.

Moreover, there are possibilities that the issue persists on your current device. So, consider ordering from another device if possible.

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Method 5: Clear App Cache Data

Corrupt cache data affects the app’s working. You may find the Uber Eats app malfunctioning if this is the case.

To get rid of it, you can delete the app cache data.

1. In the Settings app on your phone, tap on Apps, and then Apps Management.

2. Tap on Uber Eats and then on Storage usage.

3. Finally tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

tap clear data and clear cache

Method 6: Update App

Your Uber Eats app might be buggy or have technical glitches which is why the checkout option is not loading. So, update the app and check if it lets you place an order now.

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Method 7: Get Help from Uber Eats

If none of the above methods helped, you can contact the Uber Eats support team for more assistance.

Why is the Uber EatsPlace Order Button Not working?

If the Uber Eats Place Order button is turned grey or isn’t working, it could be because the restaurant is closed, not accepting orders, the item is out of stock, or the delivery service is not available in your location.

Moreover, it also could be a glitch. Update the app to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is Uber Eats order taking longer time than expected?

Ans. Uber Eats may take longer than usual to deliver your orders during peak times if the order is large or the delivery distance is long. It can also be related to the availability of delivery partners.

Q2. Why is the Uber Eats schedule order not working?

Ans. If the order is placed outside the restaurant’s opening hours or they have opted out of scheduled due to peak meal time, you may not be able to order food in advance. You can contact Uber Eats support to help you out. 

Q3. Why is Uber Eats not working in my area?

Ans. You might be in an area with limited to no network coverage or the app is unable to access your current location which is why Uber Eats is not working.

Q4. What to do when the Uber Eats payment method is not working?

Ans. Re-add all your payment methods. If only one non-cash payment method is available, you’ll need to add an alternate one.

We hope our guide helped you resolve the Uber Eats checkout Not Loading issue easily.

If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments and stay tuned to TechCult for more such helpful guides.

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