Top 30 Best Android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

Keep yourself safe prying eyes with these great apps

In a digital age where privacy is a prized possession, the smartphone has become a modern vault, preserving our cherished memories and sensitive content. Whether you’re safeguarding personal photos or preserving intimate memories, these top apps to hide photos and videos on Android are here to ensure that your personal sphere remains exclusively yours.

Hiding Apps for Android

Top Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

From creating decoy vaults to employing camouflage techniques, these apps serve as ideal for secrecy, providing you with the best tools to strengthen the security of your digital content.

1. Calculator Hide Photo, Video

Calculator Hide Photo, Video

Calculator Hide Photo, Video is a vault application that functions as a discreet photo and video locker. The app is designed to hide personal pictures and videos behind the appearance of a regular calculator, providing users with an extra layer of privacy and security.

Key Features

  • The numeric PIN on the calculator’s interface ensures that only authorized users can view the hidden files.
  • Users can organize their photos within the app by creating folders.
  • Users can lock files, notes, and contacts securely within the app.
  • The app features an intruder snap functionality that records time and captures photos of anyone attempting to break into the app by entering incorrect passwords.
  • If users need to access their hidden media, they can use the export icon within the vault app to unhide their content whenever necessary.

2. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a secure and discreet photo locker app available on both iOS and Android platforms. It offers a range of privacy features and functionalities which make it one of the top best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Key Features:

  • Fully functioning image gallery where users can view their locked photos with features like zooming, rotation, and panning.
  • Photo slideshow within the app with shuffle support and timer options.
  • Users can create password-protected photo albums, adding an extra layer of security.
  • A break-in report captures a photo and records the GPS location whenever an incorrect password is entered.
  • Decoy Password that reveals an entirely different set of photos.
  • Import/export photos from the normal gallery, email, and text message photos.
  • Remains hidden from the recently used apps list, adding an extra layer of discretion.

3. Sgallery – hide photos & video

Sgallery - hide photos & video

Gallery – hide photos & video is a privacy protection application designed to help users easily hide and encrypt their photos, videos, and other sensitive files.

Key Features:

  • AES encryption algorithm to encrypt sensitive content.
  • Store private notes within the app.
  • Traceless download feature to download photos securely without leaving traces.
  • The app’s icon can be hidden as well as disguised as a calculator or system converter.
  • Quickly close the app by shaking your phone.
  • Intruder selfie captures anyone attempting to break into the app.
  • Fake password that displays a decoy version of the app’s content.

4. Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe

Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe

Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe is a highly secure photo vault and document protection app designed to safeguard users’ personal photos, videos, and documents.

Key Features:

  • Trusted by over 5 million users worldwide and has locked over 650 million files.
  • Multi-level security measures, including AES CTR encryption.
  • Hide and lock not only photos and videos but also documents.
  • Full support for files stored on the device’s SD card as well.
  • The app can automatically detect intruders who attempt to access the vault with incorrect credentials.
  • Can be disguised from the apps list.
  • Decoy fake vault for when someone tries to force them to open their private vault.

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5. Vaulty : Hide Pictures Videos

Vaulty : Hide Pictures Videos

Vaulty: Hide Pictures Videos is a popular and trusted photo vault and album locker app designed to protect users’ private photos and videos from unauthorized access. It is indeed one of the top apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Key Features:

  • Users can share pictures and videos directly from other apps to Vaulty.
  • Can be disguised as a functional calculator or stock lookup app.
  • Biometric Login using their fingerprint or face.
  • Free automatic online backup.
  • Users can protect copies of their driver’s licenses, ID cards, and credit cards.
  • Features a break-in alert that captures a photo whenever an incorrect password is entered.
  • Separate vault with a different PIN, showing different sets of content to different people.

6. Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Private Photo Vault - Keepsafe

Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe is a widely used photo locker application with over 50 million downloads and more than a billion pictures entrusted to its care.

Key Features:

  • Store and preserve special memories, family photos, and important documents within Keepsafe’s hidden photo vault.
  • Secure PIN, pattern, and fingerprint authentication.
  • Secure synchronization and backup of photos and videos across devices via a Private Cloud.
  • The app can automatically lock itself when the device is placed face-down.
  • Share photos securely, controlling how long the recipient can view the photo before it disappears.
  • Does not appear in the device’s recently used apps list, ensuring a discreet user experience.
  • Keepsafe Premium Exclusive Features include album lock, break-in alerts, and fake PIN.

7. Calculator – photo vault

Calculator - photo vault

Calculator Photo Vault is a discreet and secure vault application that utilizes the appearance of a functional calculator while secretly functioning as a photo and video vault.

Key Features:

  • AES encryption algorithm to encrypt and protect the content.
  • No restrictions on file format or size.
  • The Inbuilt Browser enables safe browsing of private websites and downloading photos from the web.
  • By shaking the phone, you can quickly close the app.
  • Intruder Selfie if someone attempts to access the app with the wrong password.
  • Create a fake vault with a different password, allowing you to store fake photos and videos.
  • Variety of fashionable and colorful themes to personalize your app interface and create a unique look.
  • It also serves as a functional calculator, offering both regular and scientific calculator functions.

8. Hide Photo Vault & Videos

Hide Photo Vault &Videos

Hide Photo Vault &Videos is the ideal solution for safeguarding private photos and videos. Import your photos and videos into Photo Vault and maintain access while removing them from the public photo library.

Key Features:

  • Store memories, family photos, vital IDs, credit cards, and more.
  • Retrieve accidentally deleted files from the Recycle Bin.
  • Set up a secure email for easy password retrieval.
  • Sort files by import date or create date.
  • Personalize album covers and themes.
  • Capture and save photos directly within the app.
  • Transfer files via WIFI for added convenience.

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9. Photo Vault -Hide Photos,Video

Photo Vault -Hide Photos,Video

Photo Vault – Hide Photos, Video is a privacy-focused application designed to secure your private photos and videos, keeping them hidden from prying eyes. This makes it one of the top best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Key Features:

  • Secure folder where you can lock and hide various types of files, including photos, videos, audio, documents, and more.
  • In the event of an unauthorized access attempt, the app captures an intruder selfie using the front-facing camera.
  • It offers features like Private GalleryVault, Photo Vault, Video Vault, Incognito Browser, and more.
  • Secret Photo Album can protect your personal photos in a PIN-protected folder.
  • PIN protection, biometric verification, and more.
  • Secure Photo Vault allows you to protect any folder on your Android smartphone.

10. Hide Photos Vault : Calculator

Hide Photos Vault : Calculator

Hide Photos Vault: Calculator is a privacy-focused application that disguises itself as a simple calculator but actually functions as a secret gallery lock.

Key Features:

  • Built-in private browser for safe browsing and downloading.
  • Fake Password that displays fake content in extreme situations.
  • Direct Sharing to social apps without the need to unlock them.
  • Hide various types of content, including photos, videos, audio, contacts, APK files, and documents.
  • It includes a powerful and fast app lock with different themes for better privacy. Fingerprint app lock.

11. iVault – Hide Pics and Videos

iVault - Hide Pics and Videos

iVault is a comprehensive privacy application designed to securely store and protect sensitive data on your phone with password protection.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated browser within your private vault
  • Capture a photo instantly if there’s an unauthorized attempt to access your secret vault.
  • Access private contacts with a password.
  • Change the app’s icon and name to disguise it.
  • Easy back which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Store private notes and passwords securely within the app.
  • Biometric login (Face ID, Touch ID) for convenient access.
  • Password recovery with your email address.
  • Upcoming features include cloud backup options, fake account protection, and home screen switching.

12. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault offers a robust solution that ensures that your personal content remains truly invisible and secure, with advanced features such as Face Unlock, Fake Vault, and more. These features make this one of the best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Key Features:

  • Military-grade AES encryption provides unmatched security for your private files.
  • Login options to your vault using various methods such as PIN, Face, Fingerprint, Password, or Pattern.
  • Monitor individuals attempting to breach the vault by capturing intruders’ activities.
  • Fake Vault acts as a decoy, protecting real private images or videos.
  • SD Card support frees up internal storage space.
  • GIF and WebP formats Support.

13. Hide Something: photos, videos

Hide Something: photos, videos

Discover the easiest and highest-rated hiding tool that lets you Browse your phone’s invisible photos with a desktop browser with one click. This app offers a simple, free, and efficient solution to keep your private media concealed.

Key Features:

  • Hide files directly from third-party applications using the Share feature.
  • Backup hidden files to Google Drive for secure storage.
  • Detailed image viewer displays pixel-level details.
  • GIF Support.
  • Fake Mode for unexpected checks to protect your privacy.
  • Effortlessly share your private photos and videos with others.
  • The app doesn’t appear in the recently used apps list.

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14. Hide Photos & Videos-PhotoSafe

Hide Photos & Videos-PhotoSafe

PhotoSafe is a comprehensive privacy protection application that effectively hides and encrypts your photos, videos, and various other files, all while disguising it as a security app for added discretion.

Key Features:

  • Disguise the app as a photo security scanner.
  • Store hidden and encrypted files on your SD card.
  • Shake your phone to swiftly close PhotoSafe when needed.
  • Receive notifications when someone attempts to break into the app.
  • Unlock using your fingerprint for added convenience.
  • Set passwords for individual folders.

15. Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos

Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos

Clock Vault, the Secret Photo & Video Locker, is designed to provide exceptional privacy protection by enabling you to safeguard your files by setting a secret time password and enjoy a seamless user experience. It is indeed one of the top best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Key Features:

  • Crop and rotate photos within the Picture viewer.
  • Play videos using external video player apps without unlocking the files.
  • Customize album covers within your hidden albums.
  • Lock apps like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, and Email using the Photo Vault app lock.
  • Conceal the app icon by changing it to other icons like Weather, Music, Calculator, etc.
  • Automatically capture a photo of anyone attempting to unlock apps.
  • Create a decoy vault to mislead intruders by inputting a fake password.
  • Use the private web browser to download and lock photos, and hide videos, and audio files from the internet while leaving no traces on your system.

16. Photo & Video Locker – Gallery

Photo & Video Locker - Gallery

Photo & Video Locker functions as your personal gallery, offering a secure environment for your cherished photos and videos. The app includes Document lock functionality for securing crucial personal documents like bank statements, presentations, and bills.

Key Features:

  • Lock photos, videos, and documents from your device’s default gallery.
  • Import and export photos and videos to and from your device’s memory or SD card.
  • Capture a photo of anyone attempting unauthorized access.
  • Unlock using your fingerprint (on compatible devices).
  • Store unlimited photos and videos securely.
  • Quickly import hundreds of photos and videos using the multi-select feature.
  • Does not appear in the ‘recent apps’ list.
  • Share locked photos and videos directly on social platforms.

17. hide photo, video

hide photo, video

One of the best secure vault apps for hiding photos and videos on the Play Store. This app offers a reliable solution to keep your photos and videos private and secure with its Locker feature.

Key Features:

  • Lock photos and videos directly from your device’s default gallery.
  • No limitations on storage.
  • Share locked photos and videos directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Locked files are encrypted for enhanced security.
  • Hide album thumbnails of your photos and videos.

18. Photo Lock App – Hide Pictures

Photo Lock App - Hide Pictures

Photo Lock App is one of the top best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android ensures your personal privacy by allowing you to hide an unlimited number of photos, videos, documents, and any type of files within the File Locker.

Key Features:

  • Safely create, store, and hide private notes within the locker.
  • A secure browser for internet surfing, and downloading photos, and videos that remain hidden in the app.
  • Lock private and social apps using a powerful App Lock system, with a Fingerprint AppLock option for compatible devices.
  • Hide pictures and videos directly from the phone gallery or SD card by sharing them with the Photo Lock app.
  • View pictures and videos using the inbuilt Image Viewer and Video Player.

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19. Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Videos, Apps, Messages, and Calls on your phone with a completely free and unlimited solution. It appears as an Audio Manager app, but a long press on the title reveals the actual Hide It Pro app, your secret vault for hidden photos, videos, messages, and apps.

Key Features:

  • Organize media into personalized hidden folders.
  • Free cloud backup for your files.
  • Disappears from the recent apps list, ensuring discreet use.
  • Supports popular players like VLC and MPlayerX.
  • Conveniently unlock using your fingerprint.
  • Secure a secondary escape PIN/password for emergency use.
  • Additional Features like Secret Chatting, Private Messaging/Calls, Private Browsing, App Locking, and more.
  • Conceal the app icon from your phone’s app drawer.

20. Andrognito – Hide Files, Photo

Andrognito - Hide Files, Photo

Andrognito app employs military-grade AES 256 algorithm encryption techniques to offer multi-layered file protection and high-speed encryption. Trusted for over 2 years, Andrognito ensures your privacy and offers a personal cloud safeguarding against device loss or damage.

Key Features:

  • Access synced files across multiple Android devices using the same account.
  • Ensure complete data safety with end-to-end encryption.
  • Create a fake vault to mislead intruders, keeping your real files hidden.
  • Trick intruders by causing the app to appear non-functional with fake force close.
  • Enhance security with auto-changing dynamic PINs called TimelyPIN based on time and other factors.
  • Personalize the app’s appearance to match your preferences.

21. Hide Photos, videos

Hide Photos, videos

Hide Photos, Videos, Audio Files, and Notes with ease using this privacy-focused application. Safeguard your sensitive data from prying eyes by utilizing a 6-digit passcode for access, ensuring complete security.

Key Features:

  • Access the Secret Vault by tapping and holding the Audio Manager Title, adding an additional layer of security.
  • Set a fake passcode to display an empty vault when needed.
  • The app appears as an Audio Manager, concealing its true purpose.
  • Prevent unauthorized users from opening the app with the unique access trick.
  • Easily hide and unhide files as required.
  • Lock photos, videos, audio, and notes within the secret vault.

22. 1Gallery:Photo Gallery & Vault

1Gallery:Photo Gallery & Vault

1Gallery is a comprehensive gallery app and one of the top apps to hide photos and videos on Android designed for efficient photo management. It offers privacy protection through hidden files and encryption.

Key Features:

  • Hide files like ID cards and credit cards are securely encrypted with AES Encryption.
  • Various password modes, including Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint.
  • Crop, rotate, resize photos; trim videos; apply filters, and more.
  • Customizable theme between Auto, Light, and Dark themes.
  • Easily move hidden files and folders to a new device using simple steps.
  • Organize and manage files on memory cards.
  • Play videos with integrated subtitles.

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23. Photo and Video Locker

Photo and Video Locker

Photo and Video Locker is a privacy-focused application that prioritizes your privacy and provides a secure platform for concealing your personal media files.

Key Features:

  • Secure vault to hide your private photos and videos.
  • Secret PIN code to access the photo and video locker.
  • Option to restore hidden items when needed and share them with others.
  • Ensures that media files remain hidden from other apps on your device.
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. You can create new folders, share, and view images within the app with simplicity.

24. Photo Lock: Hide Videos, Pics

Photo Lock: Hide Videos, Pics

Photo Lock prevents unauthorized access to applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Additionally, it safeguards sensitive information and prevents unwanted modifications to settings.

Key Features:

  • Securely hide photos and videos, encrypting them to prevent detection by other apps.
  • Ability to create folders and sort files.
  • Secure encryption methods, supporting fingerprint, pattern, and numerical passwords.
  • Real-time monitoring captures intruders’ photos.
  • Disguise the app as a calculator, requiring a digital password to unlock.

25. MSecret- Hide Photos & Videos

MSecret- Hide Photos & Videos

MSecret offers pattern or fingerprint password protection to hide various files, ensuring privacy. Access is granted only with your permission.

Key Features:

  • Play hidden videos within secret albums with adjustable playback settings.
  • Organize files easily within elegant private albums.
  • Choose between pattern lock or fingerprint to access locked content.
  • Use a fake password to access a separate vault, enhancing security.
  • Additional activities like News Browser, Jigsaw, and Stick Master for added entertainment.

26. Neo Vault: Hide Photos & video

Neo Vault: Hide Photos & video

Neo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos is one of the top best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android is a secure and private photo vault app that encrypts all files stored within the vault using a PIN, ensuring that only authorized users can access the hidden content.

Key Features:

  • Military-grade AES-256 encryption ensures the utmost security.
  • PIN and fingerprint unlock to access their private gallery.
  • Secure backup to the user’s own Google Drive if needed.
  • The app offers an ad-free environment.
  • Easily manage files within collections, including sharing and deleting multiple items.
  • Photo and video viewer with zoom, rotation, and panning options.

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27. Calculator Photo Vault: Hide P

Calculator Photo Vault: Hide P

Calculator Photo Vault is a privacy-focused application designed to protect your private photo albums, and videos by disguising itself as a calculator, making it inconspicuous and secure.

Key Features:

  • Secure hidden content using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint authentication.
  • Back up photos and videos to a secure Private Cloud.
  • When the device is faced downward, Keepsafe can automatically lock itself.
  • Control over how long the recipient can view the photo. Images disappear after 20 seconds.

28. Secret Photo Album PA

Secret Photo Album PA

Secret Photo Album is a dedicated application designed to safeguard private media files using multiple layers of security, including PIN codes, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

Key Features:

  • Organize private photos and videos by creating individual albums.
  • Easily import and save confidential media files.
  • Receive real-time alerts if there are unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Set up a fake album with a fake PIN to divert unauthorized access.

29. Piktures Gallery: Photo albums

Piktures Gallery: Photo albums

Piktures Gallery is a comprehensive media management app that provides users with various features to organize, access, and enhance their photos and videos.

Key Features:

  • Secret space with PIN protection.
  • The photo editor enhances images without leaving the app.
  • Access cloud-stored media directly from the app.
  • Wi-Fi Direct can share media with nearby friends without mobile data.
  • QR code scanner.
  • Powerful Search to quickly access photos based on places, dates, and user-created tags.

30. Gallery Plus: Photo Vault

Gallery Plus: Photo Vault

Gallery Plus: Photo Vault is one of the top apps to hide photos and videos on Android where users can enjoy the benefits of a private gallery while maintaining the ability to view, arrange, and manage their photos and videos seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Move photos and videos to a hidden album.
  • Quick camera shortcut for quick capture and recording.
  • Dual gallery functionality with original and a hidden gallery.
  • Backup and restore their photos on the cloud.
  • Hide photos from other apps that may have access to the media.
  • Hide photos on either the SD card or internal storage.
  • Various scrolling effects for an engaging viewing experience.

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In a world that often blurs the lines between public and private, these best apps to hide photos and videos on Android serve as a reminder that you can maintain control over your personal space even in the digital realm. Please share your reviews and queries in the comments and let us know which app you like the most.

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