Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android to hide your photos and videos

Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android to hide your photos and videos

Privacy is dear to everyone, and so it is to you. Though everyone might not use your phone without your consent, you might get abruptly uncomfortable if someone even tends to touch your phone, so that he/she does not go through something you do not want him/her to witness. Privacy indeed is an integral part of everyone’s lives, even if it comes to their transient devices, i.e. mobile phones. If you do possess a phone which has many functions like an in-built app hider, or a separate function in your gallery to hide photos, then you are surely living high on the hog. But if you think your phone lacks these functions, you might want to try third party apps to secure your data. Now you might mull about which hiding apps for Android to install, as you cannot stuff your phone with any app available on the Google Play Store. So, here we are with the Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android to hide your photos and videos.

To give you an insight into the most useful apps, you must read about the apps mentioned below:

Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android to hide your photos and videos

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault | Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android

The more you appreciate this app, the lesser it will be. It is among the most reviewed data security apps in the Google Play Store, because of its exclusive features.

You can hide your photos and videos with PIN protection, fingerprint lock, and pattern lock. While doing so, you need not worry about your data security, as you will be able to retrieve every single thing you hid on the app, even if your mobile gets lost, damaged, or stolen.

One more thing impressive about this app is that the photos and videos you will hide on the app, will be uploaded on cloud storage and they will not be deleted even if you remove them from your phone.

Download KeepSafe

2. Andrognito

Andrognito | Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android

If you are too insecure about your photos and videos getting revealed and you are skeptical of using hiding apps for Android to hide your data, then this app is best for you.

It has a tight security system with multiple layers of protection, and fast encryption and decryption mechanism to hide your data. It is specifically known for “military” grade encryption techniques, making it almost impossible for another person to go through your hidden data.

Like the KeepSafe Photo Vault app, it has cloud storage too, which will store your photos and videos even after they get removed from your device.

Download Andrognito

3. Hide Something

Hide Something | Top 10 Hiding Apps for Android

Now, this is another app for hiding your photos and videos with some added features which you might find interesting. It hides your data with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint sensor (if your phone supports it).

You can view your hidden files from your computer too, by browsing them over a dedicated platform over the internet.

Another point you would like to know is that it saves all the files you have hidden, on your Google Drive so that you do not lose them while ensuring that they are secured.

You can even share your hidden media with selected people, as you like. It will ensure 100% privacy of your hidden files.

Download Hide Something

4. GalleryVault

Gallery Vault

This app available on the Google Play Store can hide your files without evoking any suspicion. It allows you to explore a variety of features that some other app might fail to deliver. 

First of all, it supports a pattern lock system and fingerprint sensor for all the android devices. It can hide its icon on your phone, without letting anyone know that it is installed on your phone.

Guaranteeing privacy and security of data at the same time, it allows you to shift your hidden files to your SD card. You will have to ensure to shift the data before you transfer the app on some other phone; otherwise, it will get lost.

It also has a dark mode which you can turn on to reduce eye-fatigue.

Download Gallery Vault

5. Vaulty


Vaulty is one of the best hiding apps for Android you can find on the Google Play Store to hide media on your phone. It also supports GIFs, and you will enjoy a wonderful experience in viewing the hidden items in its vault.

You will not have to worry about data retrieval issues, as it will keep all of your photos and videos safe in the vault after removing them from your gallery.

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It can take mugshots of intruders who will enter wrong passwords, and you can recognize them soon after opening the app. This app completely protects your privacy and has attractive themes and backgrounds. It also has a feature of slideshow, and thus, you can view your pictures and videos without sparing efforts to view them separately.

Download Vaulty

6. Vault


If you are looking for a hiding app that not only hides your photos and videos on your phone safely but also has some exceptional features to view the hidden media, then this is the right app for you.

Vault hides your photos and videos on a separate Cloud Storage so that you can retrieve them back after you change your phone or it gets lost. You can even submit an email for the recovery of your password in case you forget it. You can create multiple and fake vaults in the app.

This app has a private browser for Android that you can use to search for results that will not be found in history. It will enable you to know intruders who enter the wrong password on your phone by taking their pictures secretly. It can hide its icon on the home screen too.

Download Vault

7. LockMyPix


LockMyPix is among the best hiding apps you will find on Play Store to hide your media. It supports a pattern locking system, fingerprint sensor, and face detection mechanism for securing your photos and videos.

It can store photos on your SD card if you like. This app comes with “military-grade” encryption, which you can rely upon for hiding your precious data. After installing, the app will change its icon, which would not attract attention. You can create a fake vault if you are compelled to open the app. That fake vault will have a separate pin to keep the original password hidden.

There are no clear instructions in the app for backup of data; otherwise, it functions well.

Download LockMyPix

8. 1Gallery

1 gallery

Gallery vault is an appreciable hiding app that can hide your photos and videos in your phone, manage them, and view them in a protected space.

It comes with customized features that your phone’s gallery would have, like trimming hidden videos, resizing, cropping, or editing hidden photos. You will not have to unhide apps on Android for applying such effects.

It has various themes, and it can support photos of any format other than jpeg or png. It can play your hidden videos with subtitles too. Just like any other hiding app, it will provide security to your photos and videos with its exceptionable features.

Download 1Gallery

9. Memoria Photo Gallery

memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery app will serve you the features of an ideal Gallery app on your phone along with hiding photos and videos by your choice, through fingerprint scanning, PIN, or password protection.

It comes with customized features like slideshow, pinning, arranging media as per your preference. You can even cast your screen on television with the help of the, which no other hiding app would provide.

This app has some aspects which need to be improved, like unnecessarily big albums and providing some features only in the paid version.

Download Memoria Photo Gallery

10. Applock by Spsoft


This app lock can hide your media and even lock apps on your phone, like Whatsapp, Facebook, and any other app having access to your media and files.

It supports fingerprint sensor and PIN/password protection. It also has a fake error window to be displayed if you are compelled to open the app in coercion. You can set different passwords for each app locked.

You can rely on this hiding app for securing your data, and there is no need to worry about it.

Download Applock

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So these were some of the best hiding apps available on the Google Play Store. These apps are fairly better than the other ones, and their rating shows. It is because many of the hider apps do not guarantee safe retrieval of data if the app is uninstalled. These apps have friendly and lucid user interfaces, ensuring the security of your data. 

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