Tidal vs. Apple Music: What is the Best Pick for You

Enter the world of high-quality music experience with Tidal and Apple Music

Tidal and Apple Music have always been one of the top choices for music lovers. However, people often compare the two in terms of several characteristics, although the choice remains on a user’s preference. This guide will dive into the dispute between Tidal vs. Apple Music to find the best pick for you. If you are unsure of which one to choose, keep reading along.

Tidal vs. Apple Music What is the Best Pick for You

Tidal vs. Apple Music

In the competitive music streaming market, Tidal and Apple Music have made a name for themselves. However, for a true music lover, it is important to have the right platform to stream their favorite artists. In this article, we will measure both these apps on various parameters and see which one sings the right tunes for you. 

Tidal vs. Apple Music: Features comparison

Each music platform offers exceptional features for its users. Let’s talk about some of their key features to make sure you can wisely choose from the two to see who wins in the Tidal vs Apple Music feature comparison.


tidal music

  • Exclusive Content: Tidal provides a larger platform for growing artists trying to share their works. The feature also provides exclusive album releases and content from tons of artists.
  • Playlists: The ability to create your own playlists and share them through a URL makes Tidal a great music interface.
  • HiFi Quality: Tidal HiFi provides lossless CD-quality audio alongside good-quality music videos.

Apple Music

Apple music

  • Closer Connection: Apple Music allows its artists to directly connect with their fans through photos, videos and posts.
  • Lyrics: enhances sing-along experiences by providing synchronized lyrics.
  • Beats 1: A global radio station that is controlled by renowned artists and DJs is available 24/7.

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Does Apple Music have Better Sound Quality than Tidal?

Tidal’s HiFi tier provides lossless CD-quality audio that is a great choice for users preferring high fidelity. However, Apple Music offers excellent sound quality but does not give users that lossless audio in a standard subscription. Apple did introduce Spatial Audio, with Dolby Atmos support for a more immersive listening experience. This new feature enhances the sound quality and is compatible with several devices. At the end, it depends on your specific taste to see what type of sound quality would like to go for.

Tidal vs. Apple Music: User experience

Let’s have an insight into Tidal vs Apple Music in user experience department. Apple Music provides an intuitive interface across all its apps. The For You page it allows users to interact with curated music recommendations based on their listening history. Moreover, voice commands are added as well by using Siri to interact with the music platform.

Tidal’s user interface is also user-friendly and elegant. Its unique selling point lies in its editorial curation and exclusive content. Tidal offers Tidal Discovery, which helps users discover new music based on their preferences. Additionally, it provides music videos alongside audio tracks, enhancing the overall experience.

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Which Platform Has a Better Music Library: Tidal vs Apple Music?

Apple Music is said to have a better music library. Since Apple Music has one of the largest music collections amongst other streaming platforms, it covers a considerable range of genres including radio shows showcased through Apple Music 1. However, Tidal emphasizes providing high-quality music alongside exclusive content. It focuses more on albums and content from well-known artists. So, to conclude Tidal vs Apple Music in the Music Library race, it is safe to say it is a tie.

Is Tidal More Expensive than Apple Music?

No, Tidal is not more expensive than Apple Music. There are certain distinctions when you talk about Tidal vs. Apple Music’s pricing. 

Apple Music

apple music

This music platform does not provide any free plans for users. You need to subscribe by purchasing one of their plans. The individual plan costs $10.99/month, while the family pack rounds up to $17/month. There are student plans for a lower price of $5.99/month. Other packs include the Voice pack for $4.99/month


tidal music

Tidal provides a trial plan of 30 days allowing users to cancel anytime they like. Tidal offers the Individual plan for $9.99/month alongside the HiFi Family plan for $14.99/month. Tidal also provides a Student HiFi plan for $4.99/month. Other packs include the Military HiFi and First Responder HiFi for $5.99/month. 

All paid plans on Tidal and Apple Music provide similar benefits:

  • A large variety of songs
  • Offline Listening
  • Exceptional audio quality and lyrics
  • Supported on several devices

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Both services offer free trials, so you should explore what each platform has to offer. In the never-ending war of Tidal vs. Apple Music, finding the best pick for you depends on the factors provided above. We hope our blog helped you decide which music service to choose. If you are still wondering what to go for, check out our article on Tidal vs. Qobuz: Which is a Better Streaming Service and choose the best streaming platform for yourself.  Feel free to leave any queries in our comment section below.

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