Star Citizen Character Reset: What Do You Lose?

Read on to find out what you will lose when you reset your character in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen is a popular game among many users who often ask about Star Citizen character reset and what do you lose on doing so. Well, resetting your character in the game will erase all your progress and return your account to its initial state. If you want to learn why players choose to reset their characters and start afresh, continue reading.

Star citizen character reset what do you lose

Star Citizen Character Reset: What Do You Lose?

If you decide to reboot your character in Star Citizen, your UEC, ship components and weapons, hangar decorations, mission progress, and personal items will be brought to their default settings. However, any items or ships purchased with real money or progress made in Arena Commander or Star Marine modes will not be affected by the character reset.

Can you Reset Character in Star Citizen?

Yes, you can reset your character in the game.

How to do Star Citizen Character Reset

To know how to do a character reset, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Star Citizen on your device and Log in with your details.

2. On the right corner of the screen, select ACCOUNT.

On the right corner of the screen, select ACCOUNT.

3. Select Settings.

Select Settings | Star Citizen character reset what do you lose



5. Click Character Reset to reset your Account.

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What do you Lose when you do a Character Reset in Star Citizen?

Resetting a character will bring it to its original place. There are certain goods and progress that you may lose on doing so, let us have a look at it below:

  • UEC: UEC is the game currency that you will earn during trades, game levels, etc. The amount you made will be reset to your starting stage of 5,000 UEC.
  • Ship components and weapons: Ship components and weapons will reset to your starting stage.
  • Hangar decorations: If the user has done any decoration, it will be reset to its original state.
  • Mission progress: Users must restart from the beginning if they complete any mission.
  • Personal inventory: Users must regain every item using in-game methods.

Note: If users bought any items with real money in Start Citizen, there wouldn’t be any change after resetting.

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Why would a Character Reset in Star Citizen?

Following are the reasons why restarting a character is opted for:

  • Users may reset characters due to bugs or glitches that a player runs into and cannot be fixed in any other way.
  • Some users may think of beginning again and starting the game differently.
  • Your mobiGlas is either missing or completely unresponsive.
  • If the user finds that the character can’t interact with ships, doors, etc.

We have come to the conclusion of our guide on the Star Citizen Character Reset: What do you lose. We trust that this doc has addressed all your concerns regarding the character reset in Star Citizen. Feel free to share any additional questions or feedback by leaving a comment in the section provided below.

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