Alpha 3.18 Update Released by Star Citizen

Alpha 3.18 Update Released by Star Citizen

Alpha 3.18 update released by Star Citizen and it contains a lot of new content. The latest update for Star Citizen has promised to make the development of the game a lot more immersive for the fans who are enjoying early access to the game.

Alpha 3.18 Update Released by Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games is developing Star Citizen. It is a space simulation title that has offered combat experience and new MMO to players earlier as well. The developers have promised to make the gaming experience even better and the players are highly anticipating the new updates and desperate to see how the gaming experience will get better.

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As the Alpha 3.18 update released by Star Citizen, the players will encounter combat, a variety of ships, and unique species and races in Star Citizen. The developer has hoped to create a world that will stand on its own against its counterparts such as the Starfield from Bethesda. The new update is a sign that Star Citizen might come closer to that goal.

A video has been posted on the official YouTube channel of Star Citizen. The video is a two-minute montage that has demonstrated a breakdown of what players can expect from the newly released Alpha 3.18 update. The most awaited Persistent Entity Streaming will be officially implemented in the game and there will be new gameplay and environments for the players to be explored.

The developer, Cloud Imperium Games has released a full version of Persistent Entity Streaming that is the first of its kind. This has made Star Citizen an innovative pioneer in gaming technology. Star Citizen will become more immersive for the players with the use of PES. Some fun additions like racing and prison mission will also be added to make the gaming experience more exciting.

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The game has a long way to go. The latest update has promised a lot of things for the future of sci-fi game title. For the fans, Star Citizen has been a fun sci-fi experience and the update has offered great additions that will bring the developer closer to their goal of making Star Citizen a standalone MMO. The update has demonstrated the game’s determination to Stay at the forefront of the competition. Star Citizen is facing hefty competition from the games that are trying to create the same experience and feeling.

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