How to Download Snapchat Spotlight Videos

Discover the tricks to enjoy your favorite Snapchat videos on phone, watermark-free!

Snapchat continues to grow in popularity, constantly evolving to meet user needs. It’s a great way to share memories with friends. One popular feature of this platform is Spotlight. This guide is here for you to explore Snapchat Spotlight video downloader for saving watermark-free, high-quality videos to your device gallery.

How to Download Snapchat Spotlight Videos

How to Download Snapchat Spotlight Videos

While Snapchat offers a variety of features, it lacks a direct method for downloading Spotlight videos. As a result, various alternative methods are used to save your favorite videos to your gallery. Here are some approaches you can try:

Method 1: Using Third-Party App

The first method that you can try to download Snapchat Spotlight videos without a watermark involves using a third-party app like 1DM to get the job done. This user-friendly app makes it easy to download videos of your choice. Here is how:

Note: Please use third-party apps or online tools at your own risk.

1.  First, download the 1DM app from the Google Play Store.

2. Then, open Snapchat and find the video that you want to download.

3. Tap on the three dots at the bottom.

Tap on three dots

4. Tap on Export or Send Snap.

Tap on Export or Send Snap |snapchat spotlight video downloader

5. Now, tap on Copy.

Tap Copy

6. Open the 1DM app and tap on the globe icon at the top.

7. Paste the copied URL and tap on the download icon.

8. Next, check the prompt box, click OK, and tap on the first link.

9. Finally, select START to download your video without a watermark or in the gallery of your phone.

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Method 2: Using an Online Tool

You can also use a third-party online tool to download Snapchat videos in your gallery without a watermark. One such website is ExpertsPHP. It will help you download content from any social media platform with ease. Follow these steps to use this Snapchat Spotlight video downloader:

1. Open Snapchat, find the video that you want to download, and copy its link.

2. Now, navigate to the ExpertsPHP website, paste the URL of the video, and click DOWNLOAD.

Click DOWNLOAD | snapchat spotlight video downloader

The Spotlight Snapchat video will be available on your phone without any watermark.

Features of Snapchat Spotlight Video Downloader

Here are some features of the Spotlight video downloader that you can enjoy:

  • Watermark removal is the most wanted feature of this tool and it never fails in it.
  • Download your videos in high quality.
  • The user-friendly interface of the Spotlight video downloader helps you to download as many videos as you want to download within seconds.
  • It offers you speedy downloads that will never waste your time.

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Advantages of Using Snapchat Spotlight Video Downloader

Here are some pros of Spotlight video downloader without a watermark that you can enjoy:

  • You can save your Snapchat Spotlight video in your device’s gallery very easily.
  • The distracting watermarks will be no more.
  • Assurance of downloading high-quality videos.

Disadvantages of Snapchat Spotlight Video Downloader

Here are a few cons of using a Spotlight video downloader:

  • You are using a third-party app or tool for downloading videos, so a secured tool must be used for this.
  • Make sure you are downloading a video that does not have any copyright issues or any violation for downloading it.

This brings us to the end of our guide on the Snapchat Spotlight video downloader. Enjoy your favorite videos without watermark with high quality in your smartphone gallery. If you are still facing issues related to this information, do remember to comment below so that we can enhance your experience with us.

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