Riverside Podcast Review, Competitors and Alternatives (2024)

Dive into the world of podcasting excellence with our review!

Are you a podcaster, YouTuber, or content creator in search of top-notch recording capabilities?

The ultimate solution for all your needs is Riverside as it offers a range of features that aim to deliver a seamless recording experience.

If you want to learn more about its power-packed offering, stay tuned, as we will dive deep into this Riverside podcast review article.

Riverside podcast review, competitors and alternatives 2024

Riverside.fm Podcast Review

Riverside is software that has gained recognition for its exceptional ability to record high-quality audio tracks, very well, even without video on.

This software has proven especially useful for podcasters who want to start and create high-quality podcasts with crystal-clear video and audio.

This platform has also been praised for its all-in-one recording and editing features, which make it a great option for podcasters who work remotely.

Riverside also simplifies the synchronization of the sound and automatically creates backups of all recorded files.

Despite its several advantages, some users have reported issues and bugs with the software and have expressed disappointment with the expensive premium plans offered by the software.

Is Riverside.fm Free?

Yes, Riverside offers a range of pricing options including the free version.

This free plan allows you to use the Riverside as long as you want as there is no specific time limit.

Also, you can access high-quality audio and video recordings and edit for up to 2 hours of content.

Additionally, you can have a maximum of two remote participants in your recordings.

riverside pricing

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How Does Riverside.fm Compare with the Competition?

Riverside.fm offers an easy-to-use platform for users who are looking to start a podcast or video.

It has gained huge popularity among renowned people like Guy Raz and Hillary Clinton due to its ability to remotely create audio-video content.

What sets it apart from its competitors is its high-quality audio-video capabilities, and the best thing is its quality is not dependent on the Internet connection.

In comparison to other podcast recording software like Squardcast.fm, Zencastr, OpenReel, and StreamYard, Riverside.fm offers top-notch capabilities that guarantee high-quality recordings than its alternatives.

Riverside.fm vs StreamYard

Both Riverside.fm and StreamYard are popular platforms for recording high-quality audio and video.

Here is a comparison table of both platforms:

Features Riverside StreamYard
4K Video Recording Available Not available
Live Streaming Available Available
Compatibility Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android apps Windows and Mac
Screen-share Recording Allows users to easily share the screen during an interview Also offers a screen share recording feature
Reusable URL Reusable Riverside links Non-reusable links
Local Recordings Offers local recordings for separate tracks Also offers local recordings for separate tracks
Pricing Offers four pricing plans including the free version Offers three pricing plans with a forever free plan
Number of Guests Supports up to 8 remote guests Supports up to 10 participants
Customer Support Provides email support Provides email and live chat support
Automatic Local Backup Offers automatic local backup recording Doesn’t allow automatic local backup recording

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Riverside.fm vs SquadCast

Here is a comparison table of Riverside fm and SquadCast:

Features Riverside SquadCast
Local Uncompressed Audio and Video Recordings Record every participant’s audio and video locally Also records participants’ audio and video locally
Joining for Guests Allows guests to join any shows, or interview easily Same as Riverside
Fair Pricing Has affordable pricing plans More expensive compared to Riverside
4K Video Recording Available Not available
Automatic Transcriptions Available Not available
Integration Offers integration with several podcasting platforms like Apple, Spotify, Anchor Offers integration with popular podcasting platforms like BuzzSprout and Anchor
SOC 2 Type 2 Security Certification Holds this certification security for data security Doesn’t hold this certification security

Riverside.fm vs Zoom

Here is a comparison table of Riverside and Zoom:

Features Riverside Zoom
Maximum resolution 4k 1080p
Supported Operating System Supports Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android Supports Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android
Recording Time Offers unlimited recording time Limited recording time of only up to 40 minutes without a Pro plan
User Interface Offers a simple and user-friendly interface Also offers a simple and user-friendly interface
Live Streaming Stream recording in real time to various platforms Stream recording in real time
Uncompressed Offers uncompressed 48kHz Audio Doesn’t offer uncompressed 48kHz audio
Maximum Participants Allows up to 8 participants Allows up to 100 participants
Audio Quality Studio-grade quality audio High-quality audio
Separate Tracks Allows separate tracks for all participants Doesn’t allow separate tracks for participants

Riverside.fm Alternatives: Free and Paid

There are several alternatives to Riverside.fm which we will explore in this table:

Alternatives Pricing Description
Descript Free It is an audio word processing platform that allows editors to modify sound files. Like Riverside, this platform also offers audio and video editing, transcription, and screen and video capture features.
Zoom Both free and paid This platform allows real-time collaboration and offers a wide range of customization options. With Zoom, users can record live proceedings, playback recordings, screen sharing, video conferencing scheduling, and much more. The Pro plan costs around $13.33/month/user.
SquadCast.fm Paid It is a fully-featured professional podcast software with high-quality audio, video, and recording capabilities. The starter plan for this software is priced at $15/month/user.
ZenCast Paid ZenCast is the easiest way to host your podcast on various platforms. It simplifies the podcasting process by providing a range of features like audio editing, recording, audio-to-text transcription, and more. Its pricing plan starts at just $14 per month.
StreamYard Free StreamYard is a versatile recording studio that offers a unique opportunity to conduct interviews with guests from anywhere around the world.
Audacity Free Audacity is an open-source and easy-to-use software. It is specifically designed for editing and recording audio files with multiple tracks. Software.

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Whether you are new to the world of audio journeys or a big fan already, we hope that this Riverside podcast review article has provided you with valuable information.

If you have any suggestions on what topic we should cover next, let us know in the comments section below.

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