Deezer vs Tidal: Which is Best for Audio Streaming?

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Tidal and Deezer are both well-performing music-streaming services. Even if they come across as similar, each service has distinctive qualities that make it stand out from the others. Today, we will compare Deezer vs Tidal in-depth in all areas including features, pricing, and music library, to assist you in making an informed decision. So, Let’s get started!

Deezer vs Tidal, which is best for audio streaming

Deezer vs Tidal Feature Comparison

It’s important to make an informed decision before selecting the perfect platform of your choice. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at both Deezer vs Tidal in-depth comparison of all features.

Deezer vs Tidal: Sound Quality

For free users, Tidal provides AAC format audio with 160 kbps quality while Deezer provides MP3 audio quality with 128 kbps in the free tier. Tidal may be superior for the free tier in this case.

With their pricing, the sound quality on these platforms improves. Let us see how they fare together:

Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus Deezer Premium
FLAC – 16 bit/ 44.1KHZ or MQA – 24bit/96KHZ MP3 – 320 kbps & FLAC – 16 bit/ 1.411 kbps

At a glance, Tidal HiFi Plus offers MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), Dolby Atmos, 360 Audio, and better quality of sound, so it’s safe to say Tidal wins in terms of sound quality.

Deezer vs Tidal: Pricing

Both platforms offer different plans which may suit different users. Let us look at both the streaming service prices to determine the best price-to-satisfaction ratio:


Deezer Free Free, 128 kbps, MP3 audio
Deezer Premium $10.99/month, 16 bit/ 1.411 kbps
Deezer Student 50% Off, lossless audio quality
Deezer Family $17.99/month, up to 6 Family accounts


Tidal Free Free, 160 kbps sound quality
Tidal HiFi Standard, Family, Military, Student, First Responder
Tidal HiFi Plus Standard, Family, Military, Student, First Responder

Tidal HiFi and Tidal HiFi Plus have separate plans. Their prices are given below:

Plans Tidal HiFi Tidal HiFi Plus
Standard $10.99 per month, 320kbps audio quality $19.99 per month
Family $16.99 per month, can be used up to 6 family accounts $29.99 per month and can be used up to 6 family


Military 40% Off of Tidal HiFi 40% Off of the Tidal HiFi Plus service
Student 50% Off of the Tidal HiFi service 50% Off of the Tidal HiFi Plus service
First Responder 40% Off of the Tidal HiFi service 40% Off of the Tidal HiFi Plus service

Tidal is definitely an attractive option if you’re looking for more options to choose from when it comes to Deezer vs Tidal pricing plans.

tidal hifi and hifi plus

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Deezer vs Tidal: Device Compatibility

Here is the rundown of the device compatibility of both Deezer and Tidal

  • Deezer Compatibility: Web player, Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox
  • Tidal Compatibility: Web player, iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. Partnered device support includes Harmon Kardon, Sonos, etc.

Deezer vs Tidal: Availability

Both of the services are not available in some countries.

  • Deezer is available for people in the US, it is available in 182 countries in the world.
  • On the other hand, Tidal is available in 56 countries worldwide.

Deezer vs Tidal: Equalizer Features

Deezer comes pre-built for equalizer features available on the settings menu. Many modes in equalizer suit almost all users. Tidal has no in-built equalizer that can be used. However, there are external equalizers you can use.

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Deezer vs Tidal: Music Library

With over 100 million tracks to choose from on Tidal against Deezer’s 90 million, Tidal offers a larger music inventory than the other streaming services. Both niche musicians and well-known songs and soundtracks are well-represented.

Which Service is Better?

The preference usually falls to the person using it, but here are the verdicts:

  • Tidal offers more quality audio music in terms of free trial.
  • Considering the premium benefits, both services offer commendable quality music yet Tidal offers more audio technologies like Dolby Atmos, etc.
  • The price-to-satisfaction ratio thus will be higher for Tidal.
  • The biggest drawback of Tidal is that it is not available in many countries. Deezer establishes well in this part.

We hope you were able to find useful information in our article Deezer vs Tidal: Which is best for audio streaming. And that helped you in making a decision about which service you want to opt for. Still confused? Take a look at Tidal vs. Qobuz: Which is a Better Streaming Service for more information. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts about the article in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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