How to Download PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver

Enhance Windows communication using the PCI driver.

PCI Simple Communications Controller is a hardware component on a computer system. It is responsible for managing communication between computers and external devices. Sometimes PCI devices appear as PCI Simple Communication Controllers in the Device Manager with a yellow exclamation mark. It means that the driver on your Windows PC is either absent or not updated. When this happens, Windows is unable to identify your PCI device. But, don’t worry, there are some ways to resolve the issue. In today’s article, we’ll explore how to download and update the driver in Windows 10.

How to Download PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver

How to Download PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver 

The PCI Simple Communication Controller is a modular package that offers the Intel Management Engine parts driver for compatible notebooks and supported operating systems. These drivers maintain the functionality of your machine. There are simple methods that you may use to download the driver on Windows 10. Keep reading to find out how!

Can I Download PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver?

Yes, you can. By considering the requirements of your computer system, you can easily download the driver in your system.

Method 1: Manually Download from the Official Support Page

This method involves manually downloading the driver from the official page.

1. Browse the Intel Management Engine Drivers official page.

Browse the Intel Management Engine Drivers official page | pci simple communications controller driver download

2. Download the PCI simple communications controller driver zip file by searching for the driver file that matches your Windows OS version.

3. Download the free PCI communication controller driver, unzip the files, and then double-click the setup file to launch it.

4. Follow the installation wizard to install the Intel PCI communication controller driver on your computer.

After installation, you need to restart your computer since chipset-based drivers, such as Intel PCI simple communication controller, need a fresh restart to function properly.

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Method 2: Update in Device Manager

If you have already installed PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver, you can update it to download its latest version on your Windows 10 PC.

1. Right-click on the Windows icon and open the Device Manager.

2. Locate the Other Devices and double-click on it to extend its categories.

3. Click right on the PCI Simple Communications Controller driver.

4. Select Properties

Select Properties

5. Click on the Update Driver button under the General tab.

6. Click on Search automatically for updated driver software.

Method 3: Use Hardware ID

At times, Windows might not offer suitable drivers. If you can’t update your PCI Simple Communication Controller driver through Windows, you can employ its hardware ID to locate the correct driver. To do so:

1. Follow Steps 1-4 mentioned in Method 2.

2. Open the Details tab in Properties Windows. 

3. In the Property section, select Hardware Ids.

Choose Hardware IDs from the Device description drop-down menu | pci simple communications controller driver download

5. Right-click on the ID and select Copy.

Switch to Details tab and from the Property dropdwon select Hardware Ids

Note: Copy the longest value if there are multiple values.

6. Now, copy and paste the hardware ID into your browser and use the search term hardware id +driver +Windows OS.

On the first result page, the link that leads to the appropriate result is always listed first. Then, by navigating to the URL and following the directions, the driver can be downloaded.

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We hope the methods listed above have assisted you in downloading, installing, and updating the PCI Simple Communications Controller driver for Windows 10. You can decide which method you wish to employ and test out. If you still have any doubts or questions regarding this guide, then share them with us in the comments section.

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