7 Easy Fixes to PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver Issue

Restore your system security by troubleshooting this issue.

PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller driver keeps your data secure thereby, preventing hackers to access or steal it. However, if this driver stops working due to errors, then your system security may be prone to breach. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this driver problem. Today’s guide will explore the effective solutions to this issue including uninstallation of PCI encryption decryption controller.

Fix PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver Issue

How to Fix PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver Issue

On the motherboard of a computer, there is a hardware component called the PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller. It lowers the possibility of data interception and theft. But, if this driver gets corrupt, then your PC security will be vulnerable.

Quick Answer

Try updating PCI Encryption/Decryption controller driver as shown in the steps below:

1. Open the Device Manager.

2. Double-click on Other devices and select PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller.

3. Right-click on the driver and select Update device option.

What are the causes of PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver Issue?

The causes of PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller driver problems can vary, but here are some common reasons why this issue might occur:

  • Outdated Drivers: Outdated drivers can be a typical cause of PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller driver difficulties. This is so that errors and problems, such as issues with the Encryption/Decryption Controller driver, can arise when the most recent operating system updates are incompatible with out-of-date drivers.
  • Malware Infections: The PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller driver is susceptible to malware attacks, which can also affect other system files and drivers.
  • Out-of-date Windows: Your Windows operating system may be giving you problems if you haven’t updated it in a while.
  • Hardware issues: Driver problems may also be brought on by hardware problems with your machine. For instance, the encryption and decryption process could be hampered by a defective network card or motherboard.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that there may be additional causes for PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller driver problems and that different situations may require different fixes.

The PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller is a crucial part of encrypting and decrypting data on your computer, so knowing how to fix Encryption/Decryption Controller Issues on Win 11/10 is crucial. Your system may become subject to security threats and potential data breaches if the driver is not operating properly. Also, resolving any driver problems will assist to increase your system’s overall performance and stability.

Method 1: Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

The Hardware and Device Troubleshooter can assist in resolving issues with how to fix Encryption/Decryption Controller Issues on Win 11/10. With a built-in utility in Windows, the troubleshooter can check your computer for hardware problems and make an automatic repair attempt. Follow our guide to run hardware and devices troubleshooter to fix issues.

Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Note: Even though not all problems with encryption/decryption controllers can be resolved by the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter, it is an excellent place to start when dealing with such problems.

Method 2: Update Device Drivers

Manually updating the drivers is one option if you’re experiencing PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver Issue. The first step is to pinpoint the exact device that is the problem by looking for an exclamation point next to it in the device manager. Keep in mind that changing drivers can sometimes cause trouble if not done correctly or if attempting to install an unsuitable driver. So, for correct instructions, follow our guide Update device drivers on Windows 10

update device PCI encryption decryption controller driver

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Method 3: Reinstall Device Drivers

For Windows 11/10, issues with the encryption/decryption controller can be fixed by reinstalling the drivers. This is because outdated or damaged drivers are frequently the root cause of many problems. When a driver is reinstalled, the most recent version of the driver is deleted and a brand-new copy is put in its place. This can assist in resolving problems with missing or damaged driver files, which can lead to Encryption/Decryption Controller issues. Follow our guide for assistance on how to do it, How to uninstall and reinstall drivers on windows 10

uninstall device PCI encryption decryption controller driver

Method 4: Run Malware Scan

Issues with the PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver are frequently brought on by out-of-date or unreliable drivers, damaged system files, or hardware problems. To make sure the computer is free of any harmful software that might be causing system instability or interfering with standard hardware functionality, it is a good idea to run a malware scan. Follow our guide on how do I run a virus scan on a computer.

Click on Virus and threat protection and Quick Scan

Method 5: Update Windows

Encryption/Decryption Controller problems in Windows 11/10 can be resolved by updating Windows because many of these problems are brought on by out-of-date system files or driver conflicts, which may be resolved by installing the most recent Windows updates. Here’s our guide regarding the same How to download and install windows 11 updates and How to download and install windows 10 latest update

Update Windows

Method 6: Reinstall Windows

Whether the issue is brought on by software corruption, damaged system files or registry entries, or driver incompatibilities, reinstalling Windows may be able to resolve Encryption/Decryption Controller problems on Windows 11/10. Reinstalling the operating system fixes any potential problems brought on by bad drivers by replacing all of the system files with new, clean copies, clearing the registry, and replacing all of the system files. You may follow our guide for a clean install How to clean install windows 10.

Checkmark I accept the license terms then click Next

Here are the steps to reset Windows 11 operating system.

1. Open Settings by hitting Windows + I keys simultaneously.

2. Click on System.

Recovery option in settings

3. Then, click on Recovery on the right side.

4. Under the Recovery options section, in the Reset this PC setting, click the Reset PC button to begin Windows 11 reinstallation.

Reset this PC option in Recovery

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Method 7: Contact Microsoft Support

Last but not least, if none of the solutions were successful for you, get in touch with Microsoft Support to fix PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller driver issue. The advanced troubleshooting procedures that Microsoft support specialists can help with include confirming the device’s hardware and software compatibility, checking for updates or patches, resetting the encryption settings, looking for incompatible drivers, examining system logs, and recommending suitable third-party security solutions.

Microsoft Support Page

Can I Uninstall PCI Encryption Decryption Controller?

Yes, you can uninstall PCI encryption decryption controller. But it is not at all recommended to uninstall PCI as it is necessary for data encryption and decryption on your computer. It is preferable to update the driver or attempt to resolve the individual problem before completely deleting it if you are experiencing driver problems. It is crucial to keep in mind that your system can become exposed to security threats and data breaches if you choose to uninstall the driver.

Note: It’s crucial to keep in mind that encryption/decryption is an important security feature that helps safeguard your data, thus it’s not recommended to disable or delete it unless you have a specific cause and understand the potential repercussions.

As we come to the end of the blog, we hope we could help you with PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Driver Issue. Try out the methods listed above to fix the issue. Also, we answered your query on Can I uninstall PCI encryption decryption controller or not. Do let us know in the comments down below if you have any additional queries or suggestions.

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