How to Check Online If a Number Is Busy 

Know before you dial to avoid waiting on call!

Checking if a phone number is busy online can be a useful tool in various situations. Whether you want to avoid disturbing someone already on a call or ensure that your business line never rings busy, knowing the status of a phone number can save time and prevent unnecessary interruptions. In this guide, we will explore simple methods to check if a number is busy online, such as using phone checker services or call waiting features. By following these steps, you can easily determine the availability of a phone number before making a call.

How to Check Online If a Number Is Busy 

How to Check Online If a Number is Busy

While the traditional way to find out if someone’s number is busy is to dial their number repeatedly. Some phone services provide a call waiting indicator feature that notifies the same to the caller.

However, there’s another way and that is to use third-party caller ID apps such as Truecaller. It has a feature that lets users know someone’s status within the app itself.

Note: For this method to work, both of you must have the Truecaller app installed and registered. 

1. Open Truecaller on your phone, and search for the targeted person in your contacts.

2. If you see a red dot next to their profile picture it means that the user is busy on another call. It will also show On a call as status.

you'll see a on a call text

If you see a green dot it means that the user is not busy. You might also see their Last seen status.

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Method 2: Use Spy Apps

Well, usually couples with trust issues use spy apps, such as mSpy, Minspy, and others to track the call logs of their partners. 

You too can install any such app and see their call logs to find out if they are busy.

How to Know Someone Is Busy On Another Call Without Truecaller

Without Truecaller or any other app, the only way to find out if someone’s number is busy is to call them. Either you will hear a continuous beep sound or the waiting alert provided by your carrier service, given that call waiting is active on their device.

Moreover, if your call is getting forwarded, that also indicates that their number is busy.

We hope our blog helped you check online if someone’s number is busy.

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