Is the Walgreens App Free to Use?

Walgreens offers a range of pharmacy products and services through both online and offline stores across the USA. Many people, including you, may find it convenient to shop for prescription medications and other health products at Walgreens online. Likewise, it can be more comfortable for you to use the Walgreens app to do that from anywhere using your phone. Let’s explore what are the Walgreens app benefits and learn if it is free to use.

Is the Walgreens App Free to Use?

Is the Walgreens App Free to Use?

The Walgreens app offers users extra features and benefits which cannot be availed in offline and online stores. Let’s see what those advantages are and how you can create a Walgreens account.

Is Walgreens Account Free?

Yes, creating a Walgreens account costs nothing. It is free to create and shop for over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, health and wellness products, etc.

Is the Walgreens App Free?

Yes, the Walgreens app is free to download and use. But still, there may be payments associated with a wireless provider, and costs related to Walgreens account will be charged respectively.

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What are the Benefits of the Walgreens App?

Here are a few Walgreens app benefits:

  • Easily track orders for medication and refill prescriptions
  • Earn rewards points for purchases by clipping coupons
  • Access weekly ads and make purchases online for delivery or pickup
  • Pay in-store using your phone or mobile device by using the app
  • Set reminders for appointments or medication regimes
  • Look at your Balance Earn points, then exchange them for savings
  • Locate local Walgreens stores and look at the store inventory
  • Get offers and bargains that are tailored to you based on your purchasing preferences

How Does Walgreens Cash Work?

Walgreens Cash is a rewards program provided by Walgreens that allows customers to earn and redeem rewards for in-store and online purchases. You can also access this from the free Walgreens app. This is how it works:

  • Earn Walgreens Cash: By making qualified purchases in-store or online, customers can earn Walgreens Cash. The cash gained is usually a percentage of the purchase price, but it can also be a predetermined sum for special campaigns.
  • Redeem Walgreens Cash: Customers can utilize their Walgreens Cash to save money on future purchases at Walgreens. The cash can be redeemed in-store or online and is subtracted from the final purchase value.
  • Restrictions & Exclusions: Walgreens Cash cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards, cigarette goods, lottery tickets, alcohol, or prescription copays. Furthermore, earning and redeeming Walgreens Cash for specific products or promotions may be subject to restrictions or exclusions.

Overall, Walgreens Cash is a simple rewards program that can help customers save money on their Walgreens app and website purchases.

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How to Create Walgreens Account?

To create a free Walgreens account, follow the below steps.

Note: After creating the Walgreens account, you can sign in to it on the Walgreens app for free.

1. Visit the Walgreens website on your browser.

2. Click on Sign in.

Click on Sign In.

3. Click on the Create a Account link.

Click on the link Create a Account.

4. Enter the required information to create the account and click on Continue.

Click on Continue. | Is the Walgreen App Free to Use?

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish creating the account.


After reading this guide, we hope you learned whether is the Walgreens app free and how to create a Walgreens account to access exciting features and rewards programs. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any suggestions or queries. Also, you can convey what you want to learn about next.

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