Is International iMessage Free With and Without Wi-Fi?

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When you ask any iPhone user, they always prefer iMessage over any other instant messaging platform. That’s because it isn’t just a normal messaging app. It offers several amazing features like in-built games and customized messages with animated effects. And so, the question of whether international iMessage is free or not has at least once crossed our minds. Don’t worry, we are here to clear the air about all the questions relating to sending iMessage internationally, its features, and its possibilities!

Is international iMessage free With and without Wi-Fi

Is iMessage Free Internationally With and Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, whether you are traveling outside your country or talking to someone from another country, iMessage is free with and without Wi-Fi. However, to send a free iMessage, you need to have a working internet connection. This can be in terms of Wi-Fi, hotspot connection, or cellular data.

How to iMessage International Numbers or Text Someone from Another Country

To successfully use iMessage to send a message to international numbers or text someone from another country, you either need to have a working Wi-Fi connection or a data plan. Below are quick steps that you can follow:

Note: Since not all versions of iOS offer the same features, some features mentioned in the article might not work. The following methods were tried on iOS 17.1.

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Tap on the new message icon present in the top right-hand corner.

Click on New Text | is iMessage free international

3. Search for the name or number you want to send an iMessage to.

Note: Ensure that the name or number appears in Blue and not green.

Click on the contact in Blue

4. Tap on the contact/number and send a text.

Note: iMessages can be identified as blue text bubbles in the chat. When the text bubbles are green, it is a normal text message.

With these simple steps, you will be able to send international texts on iMessage to anyone you want.

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What Happens if I Turn Off SMS on iPhone?

The iMessage is a text messaging option that is available for Apple users only. Since Apple users also text people who do not use iPhones, Apple has integrated both options under a single app. The integration is helpful on a variety of occasions. If the internet connection is not available on both ends, the messages are sent as SMS.

How to Prevent iMessage from Being Sent as an SMS Text Message

Although the feature where an iMessage is sent as a text message due to the non-availability of the internet can be useful, it can be costly at times, especially when you are traveling abroad or texting a person from another country. It is therefore important to customize your message settings to avoid sending an iMessage as an SMS text by mistake. Below is a quick guide that you can follow to prevent iMessage from being sent as SMS:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Swipe down and tap on Messages.

Open Messages | is iMessage free international

3. Swipe down until you see the option Send as SMS and turn the toggle off.

Deactivate Send an SMS option

Now, you will not be paying extra in case you message your iMessage contact in the absence of an internet connection.

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Can I Send Free iMessage on Group Chats Too?

Yes, as long as the group members are on iMessage, the messages will be sent over the internet. Therefore, you will be able to send free iMessage even on group chats. However, if any of the group members are not on iMessage, the message to such contact will be sent as a normal text and there can be extra charges for that.

That’s about it! We hope we have answered your question is international iMessage free with or without Wi-Fi. Let us know in the comments below if you found our article useful.

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