Top 10 Ways to Fix iPhone Keeps Switching to Silent Mode

Keep your iPhone ringer in tune with these troubleshooting fixes!

When the silent mode is activated without your knowledge or consent, you may not hear incoming calls, or text messages, which can result in crucial notifications being missed. Therefore, it is crucial to identify why your iPhone keeps switching to silent mode and fix the issue to avoid any further inconvenience. 

iPhone keeps switching to silent mode

Fix iPhone Keeps Switching to Silent Mode

If you rely on your phone for work or other time-sensitive matters, missing a call or message could result in a missed opportunity or even a lost business deal. This might happen if your iPhone keeps switching to silent mode without any consent. If you are experiencing the same, get this issue fixed with the help of troubleshooting fixes given in the guide below. But as Quick fix you can use Assitive touch feature for the time being.

Quick Answer

To stop your iPhone from switching to silent mode, tweak volume settings with these steps:

1. Open Settings of your Apple device.

2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics.

3. Now, raise the Volume Bar and toggle on Change with Buttons option.

Why Does My iPhone Keep Switching to Silent Mode?

There can be a major reason or maybe minor causes behind your iPhone switching to silent mode. Following are some of these reasons:

  • Muted Switch Activation
  • Hardware Malfunctioning
  • Liquid Damage
  • Outdated Software

Let’s know how to fix iPhone that keeps switching to Silent Mode.

Method 1: Restart iPhone

Restarting is one of the basic solutions that you can try to get your iPhone back to General mode from silent. Restarting is an easy process and if you own an iPhone X, you can refer to our guide on How to Restart iPhone X to perform this method.

Restart iPhone | iPhone keeps switching to silent mode

Method 2: Tweak Volume Settings

Another solution to fix your iPhone from keep switching to silent mode is by checking and changing your device’s volume settings. To do so:

1. Open Settings on your Apple device.

2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics.

tap on sound & haptics

3. Now, raise the Volume Bar.

Note: Make sure that Change with Buttons is toggled on.

toggle on change with buttons

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Method 3: Turn Off DND

DND also known as, Do Not Disturb can also block notifications on your iPhone and keep it silent without your knowledge. If so, you must turn it off using these steps:

1. Open Control Centre by swiping down from the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap on Do Not Disturb to turn it off.

Tap on Do Not Disturb to turn it off

Method 4: Update iPhone

If you have not considered updating your iPhone to the latest version, it is time to do so. You must keep your device updated to avoid any device malfunctions like iPhone keeps switching to silent mode. To do so, follow these given steps:

1. Open Settings and tap on the General option.

2. Next, tap on the Software Update.

tap on software update | iPhone keeps switching to silent mode

3. Tap on Download and Install to download the latest iOS version.

Tap on the Download and Install option |

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Method 5: Turn Off Driving Focus

Another way to get iPhone keeps switching to silent mode fixed is by turning off the driving focus feature on your device. This feature automatically enables itself when connected to a car Bluetooth or Activate CarPlay. To disable it, follow these given steps:

1. In the Settings app, open Focus.

tap on focus | iPhone keeps switching to silent mode

2. Now, tap on Driving.

3. Next, tap on While Driving and set it to Activate manually. 

Method 6: Disable Silence Unknown Callers

There is a Silence Unknown Callers feature in iPhone that keeps your chosen contacts silent whenever they ping you. Even though it is a great way to keep spam callers at bay, it can make you miss important calls. Therefore, you must disable this function to resolve the mentioned issue:

1. Open the Phone option in the iPhone Settings.

Tap on Phone

2. Tap on Silence Unknown Callers.

locate Silence Unknown Callers

3. Now, disable the toggle for Silence Unknown Callers.

Method 7: Disable Back Tap

iPhone has many great features with which you can easily access different functions with a simple back tap on the phone. One such feature is to mute the phone with a double or triple tap at the back. If you have turned it on, it is time to disable it to fix iPhone keeps switching to silent mode. To do so:

1. Open Accessibility in iPhone Settings.

tap on the Accessibility option | iPhone keeps switching to silent mode

2. Tap on Touch.

tap on the touch option

3. Tap on Back Tap.

4. Now, tap on Double Tap or Triple Tap to remove the Mute action. 

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Method 8: Remove Phone Cover and Clean Switch Button

Here’s a step-by-step guide to clean the silent switch button on an iPhone:

1. Turn Off the iPhone to prevent any accidental damage.

2. Locate the silent switch is usually located on the side of the iPhone. It’s a small button that you can slide up or down.

  • If there’s visible debris or dust around the switch, hold the iPhone at an angle and use short bursts of air around the switch.
  • For more stubborn dirt or debris, you can use a soft-bristled brush or a toothpick to carefully remove it.
  • If the switch is sticky or grimy, you can dampen a cotton swab slightly with isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) and gently wipe around the switch.

Note: Be careful and ensure that no liquid enters the device, and avoid using excessive force.

Method 9: Reset iPhone Settings

Another way to get rid of the iPhone keeps turning on silent mode is by resetting your iPhone settings. As a wrong setting can change how your device works, it’s better to reset them all to get rid of the issue once and for all. To do so:

1. Open General iPhone Settings and scroll down to access Transfer or Reset iPhone.

click on transfer or reset iphone

2. Tap on Reset.

3. Now, tap on Reset All Settings.

Select Reset All Content and Settings | iPhone keeps switching to silent mode

Once the process is complete, try using your iPhone again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 10: Contact Apple Support

There are several ways to get in touch with Apple support if you need assistance. The Apple support website offers a comprehensive list of articles, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting instructions that can assist you in resolving typical problems. You can call Apple help if you’d rather talk to someone on the phone by visiting the same support page.

Contact Apple Support

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We hope that you were able to fix the iPhone that keeps switching to silent mode. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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