How to Use the Pinch-to-Summarize Feature in Arc Browser

Pinch your way to clarity on Arc!

Arc browser has launched a Pinch-to-Summarize feature that uses artificial intelligence to summarize web pages seamlessly.

With this advanced technology, Arc has redefined the boundaries of mobile browsing and enabled users to navigate the web with greater ease.

In today’s blog, we will show you how to use the pinch-to-summarize feature in the Arc browser and help you understand its benefits. So, let’s jump straight into it.

How to Use the Pinch-to-Summarize Feature in Arc Browser

How to Use the Pinch-to-Summarize Feature in Arc Browser

Arc Browser’s new AI feature called Arc Search uses a distinctive pinch-to-summarize gesture to provide concise summaries of web pages.

With the latest version of Arc Search on iOS, you can now pinch a webpage while browsing it to prompt the browser to display an AI-generated summary featuring various points.

1. Open the Arc browser and visit a webpage you want to read.

2. Now pinch the web page you wish to summarize, as you do to the zoom-out gesture.

web page summary

The page will start to fold in an origami style, and the browser will proceed to generate a structured summary containing key points.

Its smooth transition and haptic vibrations make using the feature a pleasant experience for you.

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What are the Languages Supported by Pinch-to-Summarize in Arc Browser?

As of now, the Pinch-to-Summarize feature in the Arc browser doesn’t have a list of specific languages it supports.

It likely works well with major languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more commonly used languages on the internet.

Officially, the platform will soon provide a list of pinch-to-summarize supported languages.

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What are the Limitations of the Pinch-to-Summarize Feature in the Arc browser?

Although the Pinch-to-Summarize feature seems quite interesting at first, there are some limitations to it presently and it has room for improvement.

  • AI-generated summaries do not always capture all crucial information accurately, which can lead to potential miss out on needful details.
  • It encounters difficulties summarizing non-English content effectively, thereby limiting its importance for users who access content in various languages.
  • Users may find it challenging to share the generated summaries as the feature does not provide the source’s link, which can be a concern mainly for journalists and news readers.
  • While the pinch-to-summarize gesture offers a unique user experience, some users may find may not prefer this method of content summarization.

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What are the Additional Features of Arc Browser on Mobile and Desktop?

Additional features of Arc Browser on both mobile and desktop platforms include:

  • Improved pin tab functionality, optimized performance and stability, and introduction of anniversary stamps to membership cards.
  • Users can now tap the share button and easily share pages they’ve browsed in Arc search.
  • Incognito mode provides users with increased privacy during browsing sessions. Just tap on the eye icon to activate it.

Now that you know how to use the Pinch-to-Summarize feature in Arc browser, we hope you can browse the internet more effectively and get things done faster.

Share your thoughts about it in the comments and stay tuned to TechCult for more informative blogs.

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