Google Bard AI Can Now Watch, Explain, and Summarize YouTube Videos for You

Busy? Summon Bard to binge watch content on your behalf!

Step into the future of online video consumption with Google Bard AI as it can now watch YouTube videos for you in the blink of an eye. Not only that, it can even break these videos down to offer explanations and concise summaries. Read on to explore the capabilities of Google Bard AI, and learn how to make the most out of it.

Google Bard AI can now watch, explain, and summarize YouTube videos for you

How will Bard AI Enhance My YouTube Search Experience?

Google, the tech giant, has taken a giant leap forward as it expands the integration of Bard AI with YouTube to enhance user experience with their favorite video content. This game-changing feature can also provide insightful explanations and save much time wasted while watching a video, especially due to unskippable ads.

Use Bard to Watch YouTube Videos

You can easily use Bard to find and watch the ideal video suggestions by following these steps:

1. Go to Bard’s official website and enter the details about the YouTube Video you want to watch in the Prompt box.

For example, we requested Plum cake recipe videos.

Bard AI will come up with a few popular recipe videos available on YouTube.

watch youtube videos on bard

2. You can directly click on the link and watch any video as preferred.

Use Bard to Explain a YouTube Video

In case you watched a video on YouTube and have questions regarding it, ask Google Bard AI and it will answer all your queries.

1. Select any video that Bard suggested for your query and ask any question related to that video.

For example, we asked Which type of sugar is used in the first video?

2. Bard will answer and explain your question very precisely.

Bard Explain a YouTube Video

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Use Bard to Summarize a YouTube Video

If you want information about the complete video without watching it, you can ask Bard for a summary and it will provide you with the same.

1. Go to YouTube and select a video of your choice.

2. Copy the video’s link and paste it into Bard’s prompt box and type Summarize this video next to the link.

Bard will present a precise summary within a few seconds.

Use Bard to Summarize a YouTube Video

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With this newly launched feature, Google surely wants to lead the way in the felid of AI. Now that Google Bard AI can watch YouTube videos for you, it’s going to change the track of video consumption. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such feature updates.

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