How to Use Imagen AI by Google

Discover the potential of this tool to generate images from prompts!

With AI being everywhere, how can Google stay at the back front? Google has launched its own Imagen AI that can generate text to photorealistic images. It is currently available for users using beta and Vertex AI, a part of Google Cloud. So, instead of assuming what it is, let us directly see how to use Google Imagen AI. Keep reading till the end.

how to use Imagen AI by Google

How to Download and Use Imagen AI by Google

First things first, Imagen download is not publically available for download and is in its beta phase. It is a diffusion model that will convert your text to an image. It’s time to begin the visual manifestation of your ideas. 

Initially, Imagen was released by Google through the AI Test Kitchen app (where Google checks all its AI projects before making them public). But you can no longer do so. Also, you can use Imagen AI on Vertex AI. As it’s currently in beta testing, it is available to users who have opted into the Search Generative Experience (SGE) program

Note: Imagen AI is not available in every country. As per sources, it is available only in the US.

1. To activate Imagen AI, click on the Search Labs icon at the top right corner of the Google Search page.

2. Turn on the toggles for SGE, generative AI in Search and SGE while browsing.

Turn on the toggles for SGE, generative AI in Search and SGE while browsing

3. Now, open the Google Search page and type the prompt.

4. Click on Generate

click on generate

5. Now, you can see AI-generated results. Click on any of the images to preview it.

6. To edit the image, click on Edit

click on edit

7. Now, enter the new prompt and click on Generate images.

click on generate images

That’s it! Now, you can similarly create any image you want. Since it is in the developmental stage, you might not get the desired image but it is worth a try for free.

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How to Setup Imagen AI

To setup Imagen AI, you can follow the steps above to enable the SGE program. There are a few eligibility criteria to setup and use Imagen AI, as listed below:

  • You must be located in the United States.
  • You must be using the English language.
  • You should be using a personal Gmail (Google) account.

How to Customize Imagen AI

Using Imagen AI is like a piece of cake. You can follow the steps given above to create the desired images. To get the best result, be specific about what you want the image to look like, including style, composition, and objects and give a clear and concise prompt.

Also, you can customize images in different ways:

  • It allows you to apply the style of another image to your generated image.
  • You can add text to your image for branding, captions, or storytelling.
  • Also, you can choose from a pre-defined palette or define your own to change the overall color of the image.

City Dreamer and Wobble features that were present in AI Test Kitchen are no longer available in the main Imagen beta version.

Is Imagen AI Free?

Since this Google text to image AI is still in beta testing, there is no information about its pricing. But there is limited access through Search Labs, which is free. However, it is expected to be available in the freemium model.  

How to Install Imagen 2 AI by Google 

Currently, Imagen 2 AI by Google is unavailable for direct installation by individual users. It’s designed for enterprise-level use, and you can use that on the Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform if you need. To do so, you can join the waitlist for Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to get early access to Imagen 2 in the future when it is available for wider use.

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To wrap up, Google Imagen can prove to be a great help. It can turn your text prompts into realistic and attractive images. Hope this article helped you with how to use Google Imagen. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section.

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