How to Use Find My Device on Android Without Internet

Picture this, a minute before, your new smartwatch was in your pocket. But next, poof it’s gone! That’s a mini heart attack, right? Well, not anymore. Now you can also escape this nightmare with Find My Device on your Android device. The surprise is this feature will track your gears even without an internet connection. In this guide, we’re gonna break down how to use Find My Device on Android without the internet to rescue your phone even in the stickiest situations.

How to Use Find My Device on Android without Internet

How to Use Find My Device on Android Without Internet

On April 8th, 2024, Google announced the launch of its upgraded Find My Device network in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to extend it to Android users worldwide soon.

Using a crowd-sourced network combining over a billion Android devices, Find My Device will assist you in tracking your misplaced devices and everyday items, just like Apple’s Find My network. This network will be able to work effectively even when offline, by using ringing or showing their accurate location on the map. 

Moreover, owners of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be able to use this feature to its full potential. Due to modified Pixel hardware, users will locate their device even at times when they are switched off or their battery is dead. Here are five ways in which you can use Find My Device by Google: 

  1. You can track your mobile phone, or tablet by viewing their location on a Map
  2. From May, the Find My Device app will also integrate Bluetooth trackers from Chipolo and Pebblebee, allowing you to find your keys, luggage, purse, etc. which will even work across iOS platforms. 
  3. The app will also have a Find Nearby button that will quickly share the location of everyday items when they are in close proximity. 
  4. The Find My Device app will now display the proximity of a lost device to users’ home Nest devices, offering a convenient reference point for locating the device.
  5. You will also share accessories within the app with your friends and family, for emergency cases.

How to Set up Find My Device on Android? 

Setting up Find My Device on your phone couldn’t be stressful enough because, in times when data is gold, your info can be easily stolen and misused. Since this feature will also include everyday items like keys and wallets, it becomes a top priority to get this app on our phones.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google Account.
  2. Turn your phone’s location on.
  3. Go to Settings and tap on Security.
  4. Tap on Find My device and enable it.
  5. Now, visit Google Find My Device website and your device’s location will be displayed.

Tap on Find My device and enable it

Which Android Version Works with Find My Device?

Find My Device application is available on the Google Play Store which works effectively on Androids versions 6.0 and newer. However, the network that will be launched in May will only operate on versions 9.0 or higher. 

Is it Possible to Use Find My Device on a Switched-Off Android Device?

Most Android versions do not support the Find My Device feature when the mobile phone is switched off. However, a recent hardware specialization has been made in Pixel 8 and 8 pro models that enable them to use Find My Device even when they have a dead battery. 

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Now that you learned how to use Find My Device on Android without the internet, it will significantly improve your chances of getting your device back, safe and sound.

Share your thoughts about this new feature in the comments and Stay connected to TechCult for more such guides. 

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