How to Use Chrome Reading Mode Android: Your Guide to Distraction Free Reading

It's time to focus on the core content of the page without being overwhelmed by any additional mess.

There is an abundance of content available on the internet, including articles, blogs, and other documented data. However, as the screens are smaller on smartphones than on tablets and PCs, reading online content with all the cluttered layouts and distracting ads is not easy. With the Reading mode enabled on Chrome, the webpages appear simpler and cleaner. This article will show you how to activate and use Reading Mode on Chrome on Android devices.

How to Use Chrome Reading Mode Android

Simplified View on Chrome

Reading Mode aka Simplified View for the Chrome mobile browser removes unnecessary elements, such as ads, sidebars, and other distracting content. Thus the main text and essential images appear in a more reader-friendly format. There are two ways you can enable this mode: Accessibility Settings and Chrome Flags.

Method 1: Activate Simplified View from Accessibility

Follow the steps below to activate Chrome Simplified view:

1. Tap on the three vertical dots on Google Chrome and open Settings.

2. Under Advanced, select Accessibility.

Under Advanced, select Accessibility.

3. Turn on the toggle beside the Simplified view for web pages.

Turn on the Toggle beside the Simplified view for web pages.

4. Relaunch the browser.

Now whenever you launch a webpage, Chrome can automatically detect and offer an option to switch to a simplified version of the page. Let’s see how it works.

5. Launch a website and browse a webpage.

6. A pop-up with View simplified page? will appear. Tap on View next to it.

Tap on the View option beside View simplified page? option.

The webpage will now appear cleaner thereby removing all the unwanted elements.

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Method2: Reading Mode from Chrome Flags

Ultimately the function of both the methods is same. However, if you do not find the Simplified View feature for some reason, you can follow these steps.

Note: This is an experimental feature, so it is possible that after applying the changes you might face some inconsistencies in the browser. 

1. Open the Chrome app and type Chrome://flags in the address bar.

2. Search for Reader Mode triggering.

3. Under the Reader Mode triggering, tap on the downward pointing arrow.

Under the Reader mode triggering, tap on the list

4. Select your desired option.

Select your desired options.

5. Restart the Chrome application to implement the changes.

6. Open a webpage and tap on View next to View simplified page? 

That’s it! You can now enjoy reading without distractions. However, if you face any discrepancy with the browser, disable this and use the Simplified Mode.

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We hope with the help of our guide, you can use Chrome reader mode on Android. If you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment in the box below. For more tech-related information, stay connected to TechCult.

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