How to Use Charlemagne Discord Bot

Charlemagne Bot is popular for giving players access to all the information on Destiny 2. It is used to send notifications, show stats, and clan leaderboards, assign auto roles, and even schedule an event. You can enhance your gameplay, monitor your progress, and even assign commands to save time. So, without wasting much time, let’s see how you can use the Charlemagne bot on Discord!

How to Use Charlemagne Discord Bot

How to Use Charlemagne Discord Bot

Now you can easily check player statistics, seek information about any weapon, manage clan memberships, plan events, and more with Charlemagne commands. 

1. Visit the official site of Charlemagne and click on Add me to your server.

2. Select your preferred server under ADD TO SERVER and click on Continue.

Select your preferred server under ADD TO SERVER and click on Continue

3. Click on Authorize.

4. Open Discord and click on the selected server.

5. Type in / followed by the command of your choice.

How to Create an Event with Charlemagne Bot on Discord

If you wish to create an event in Destiny 2 with the Charlemagne bot, follow the steps to do the same:

1. Type in /event create to create and schedule a new event.

2. Click on ACTIVITY under OPTIONS.

3. Select the activity of your choice and press ENTER.

4. In the pop-up window, enter a preferred time under START TIME and type in a small bio under DESCRIPTION.

5. Click on Submit.

Click on Submit | How to Use Charlemagne Discord Bot

Now your event will be successfully created in Destiny 2.

What are Commands I Can Use with Charlemagne?

You can use several types of different commands using Charlemagne, such as follows:

  • !bug: to report a bug.
  • !help: to see a list of help options in the chat box.
  • !elo: to breakdown of elo by game type.
  • !clan: to display engrams, clan stats, and XP progress for both clan and your characters.
  • !collection: to display your completion of emotes, emblems, and exotics in percentage.
  • !Lfg: to call forward available groups and search for all active groups.
  • !donate: to receive a prompt to donate monthly or one-time and support Charlemagne development.
  • !faction: to display faction reputation per character.
  • !countdown: to show countdown towards key destiny events such as resets and actual events taking place.
  • !pvp: to display the summary of pvp stats. can add guardian name after to specify
  • !rank: to show clan leaderboard.
  • !time: to show a summary of guardian playtime.
  • !IB: to show iron banner statistics.
  • !trials: to show trial statistics.

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We hope now you have understood how to use the Charlemagne bot in Discord. Do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section. Keep visiting TechCult for more tech-related know-how.

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