How to Add Midjourney to Discord

Ever since its launch, Midjourney has rapidly become one of the best AI image generators of our time. You can create any time of art by entering some prompts and waiting for the platform to generate them within seconds. Now, you can also add Midjourney to Discord and enjoy its features on your servers. Let’s see how.

How to Add Midjourney to Discord

How to Add Midjourney to Discord

Now you can ramp up your servers and create cool artwork with your friends on Discord. Although Midjourney has its server, using it from its official server means your request can get buried among thousands of other users and take a lot of time. Don’t worry, here’s a quick solution to this problem.

Option 1: Via Desktop

Follow the steps mentioned below to get the Midjourney bot on Discord from your PC:

1. Open Discord and click on the Plus icon from the left menu.

2. Click on Join a Server.

3. Type in Midjourney and click on Join.

4. Now, click on the getting started channel from the left menu.

5. Right-click on Midjourney Bot from the right menu.

6. Select Profile from the pop-up window and click on Add App.

Click on Add App

7. Under ADD TO SERVER, select your preferred server and click on Continue.

Now, the Midjourney bot will be added to your selected Discord servers.

Option 2: Via Mobile

You can also invite the Midjourney bot to a server from Discord mobile. Here’s how to do the same:

1. Open Discord and tap on Servers at the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Tap on the Plus icon from the server list and then Join a Server.

3. Type in Midjourney and select Join with Invite Link.

4. Tap on Accept Invite.

5. Select the Midjourney server and tap on getting start from the menu.

6. Tap on the server profile, scroll down, and tap on Midjourney Bot.

7. Tap on Add App.

Tap on Add App

8. Under ADD TO SERVER, select your preferred server and select Continue.

9. Tap on Authorise.

How to Start Chat with Midjourney

Creating images using chats with Midjourney is quite easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same:

1. Open the Midjourney bot on your Discord.

2. Type in the Slash symbol (/) and select any options provided by the bot.

Type in slash symbol Type in the slash symbol

That’s it, you can easily tell your command and let the Midjourney bot create an image for you.

Is Midjourney Bot Free to Use on Discord?

Yes, you can use the Midjourney Bot for free by adding it to your server on Discord.

Do I Need to Be a Server Owner to Add Midjourney on Discord?

Yes, you cannot add the Midjourney bot on any server of your choice. Users have to be the owners of a server or have administrative privilege to add Midjourney.

What Permissions Does Midjourney Require in Discord?

Midjourney may ask for some permissions while getting added in a server like:

  • Read Messages.
  • Send Messages.
  • Embed Links.
  • Manage Messages for moderation commands.
  • Read chat history.
  • Add Reactions
  • Attach Files for sending images or files.

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With these methods, you will be able to easily add Midjourney to Discord, whether you are using it from mobile or desktop.

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