How to Use Apple Passkey for X iPhone App for Passwordless Login

Login to X app without a password on iOS device!

X, formerly called Twitter, has introduced a more secure login technique option for iPhone users across its app.

By creating a passkey for X, there is no need to enter your password every time you log in to your accounts and users can sign in using Face ID or Touch ID.

Let’s check out how you can set up passkeys for the X app on your iPhone.

How to use Apple Passkey for X iphone app for passwordless login

How to Use Apple Passkey Instead of Passwords iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Passkeys are an alternative to passwords that offer easier and safer passwordless sign-in options across websites and apps.

Unlike passwords, which are vulnerable to phishing attempts, passkeys are based on standard technology, have no shared secrets, and are impenetrable.

Currently, the Apple ID passkey feature for X has only been rolled out for US users. Follow these steps if you want to access and set up the passkey on the iPhone for X app:

1. Open the X app and tap on the profile picture.

2. Tap on Settings & Support > Settings and privacy.

3. Select Security and account access > Security.

tap on Security
Image Credit: X Safety Twitter page

4. Turn on the toggle for Passkey under Additional password protection.

Turn the toggle on for Passkey
Image Credit: X Safety Twitter page

5. Enter your X app password and tap on Confirm.

6. Choose Add a passkey and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now your passkey will be set up and you can log in without having to enter your password.

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How to Delete Passkey on X app on iPhone

You can also choose to remove your passkeys if they don’t work out for you. Follow these steps to delete the passkey from X:

1. Follow steps 1-5 from the previous heading.

enter password
Image Credit: X Safety Twitter page

2. Select Delete a passkey.

Your passkey will be deleted.

What are the Features of Passkey?

Passkeys function as a very secure system by creating two cryptographic keys, one of which is stored locally and the other on X.

This ties the security of your account to the security of your device.

Therefore, you don’t have to type your password every time. Let’s look at some features of passkeys:

  • Offers better security
  • User-friendly authentication
  • Streamlined sign-in
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) integration
  • Dynamic passkeys for temporary access

Why Should I Use Passkey to Login?

Passkeys simplify and accelerate the signing-in process.

After completing the setup process, you won’t need to remember or reset your password to access your account on any device. Your account is more securely protected when you use a passkey.

If your iPhone is stolen or lost, you can still access and use your X account using a password instead of an Apple passkey. You can recover your passkey using iCloud keychain escrow.

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Now you can easily set up a passkey for X on your iPhone and enjoy browsing securely throughout the app.

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