How to Use AI Texture Generator on Roblox

It used to take a lot of time to create intricate avatars and 3D models within Roblox Studio. But not anymore as Roblox has revealed new AI-powered tools to accelerate content creation in the 3D space.

As these tools aim to cut down the hours spent on tedious tasks, creators can spend more time on what truly matters: bringing their creative visions to life.

Want to learn how to use AI Texture Generator on Roblox to create rich, compelling content quickly? Read our guide further!

How to Use AI Texture Generator on Roblox

How to Use AI Texture Generator on Roblox

Roblox launched two innovative AI-powered tools at GDC aimed at enhancing content creation in the 3D realm.

These tools, namely the Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator, significantly minimize the time required for avatar setup and texturing, potentially saving users hours or even days of effort.

The Texture Generator tool is crafted to generate personalized textures for your meshes using text inputs. You can choose a single mesh or a Model composed of multiple meshes, input any prompt to instantly preview results within seconds, and subsequently generate complete textures. 

Here’s how to use it:

1. Go to the Model tab and open the Texture Generator tool.

select text generator

2. Select a Model containing MeshParts in your scene.

3. In the preview pane of the tool, click and drag to specify a generation angle that highlights the significant features or surfaces for texturing.

4. Enter a prompt for your desired texture, such as Rusted Charred Metal Castle, Mossy Stone Fortress, or Snow Covered Ice Sculpture.

5. Click Preview to generate a texture preview in real-time.

click preview

6. Use the Rotate buttons to adjust the view by 90° around the mesh.

7. Click the Back button to return to the prompt input for iteration or creating a new preview.

8. Once you’re satisfied with the texture, click Save & Apply to generate a full texture for your mesh.

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What are the Options Available to Manage Textures on Roblox Texture Generator?

Texture Generator on Roblox offers several options to manage textures effectively, such as:

  • Seed Control

You can either randomize the seed or set a specific seed for texture generation. Setting a specific seed before generating a texture, ensures consistent results each time you use a particular prompt.

  • Generation Angle

It allows you to define a primary generation angle during the preview phase if you want to prioritize the visibility of the most important areas of your mesh for texturing. You can control this angle by clicking and dragging the mesh in the preview window.

  • Smart UV Unwrap

In 3D modeling, a UV map represents the surface of a 3D model in 2D which can help you in the accurate application of 2D textures. UV coordinates U and V correspond to the horizontal and vertical axes of this 2D space.

When you enable the Smart UV Unwrap option, it applies the necessary coordinates for texturing to meshes lacking compatible UVs. If your UVs are already compatible, they remain unaffected, allowing you to use your mesh.

Your mesh’s underlying UV maps must adhere to specific guidelines for effective texture generation. All UV coordinates must fall within the unit square to prevent artifacts or seams in the final texture. Additionally, UVs must not overlap to maintain consistency in texture and color placement.

  • Specify Front View

When activated, it designates the selected generation angle during preview as the front of your mesh. This enhances texturing for meshes with distinct front and back sides, such as avatars, animals, and clothing, resulting in more cohesive and consistent textures.

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How Long Will It Take to Create a Fully 3D Texture Using Texture Generator on Roblox?

Texture Generator provides creators with the ability to rapidly transform the visual presentation of 3D objects through the utilization of text prompts.

While this process typically requires only a few minutes to complete, during periods of high demand, such as peak usage times, the generation process may take longer to finalize.

How Many Full Textures Can a Creator Make Using Roblox Texture Generator?

During this beta phase, Roblox has implemented restrictions on the number of textures each user can generate per day due to capacity constraints.

Presently, users are limited to generating a maximum of 5 textures daily. However, users have the flexibility to preview their textures up to 25 times per day.

Moreover, they highly recommend iterating and refining prompts during the preview stage to achieve the desired result before generating a full texture. Doing so allows you to maximize the usage of your daily texture generation allowance.

Where Can I Test Out the Texture Generator on Roblox?

Currently, in beta, this feature can be activated in Studio by navigating to File > Beta Features and enabling the AI-Powered Texture Generator option. Upon restarting Studio, you’ll find a Texture button located in the Model tab of the ribbon, adjacent to the Material Manager.

Where Will the Generated Textures Appear Once Created?

Generated textures appear in the Saved Textures section of the tool’s window. For each texture, you can click on the hamburger icon to access various options.

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What are the Tips for Better Prompts on Roblox Texture Generator?

Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of your prompt for the Roblox Texture Generator:

  • Provide as much detail as possible in your prompt. Short, vague prompts will lead to inconsistent or unexpected results.
  • Include various texture attributes such as material types, colors, patterns, wear and tear, etc. More specifics can help the tool interpret your vision better.
  • Opt for descriptive phrases over single words when referring to key items. For instance, use worn leather instead of simply leather to convey a more nuanced texture.
  • Integrate styling cues like cinematic, photorealistic, cartoon, or low poly to influence the overall aesthetic. 

As AI integration continues to evolve within Roblox in the form of Texture Generator, you can use it to create more games on the platform. Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned to Techcult.

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