How to Unblock Twitch at School

Twitch is popularly renowned as a live streaming platform with gamers as the center of attraction. However, many times users are unable to access and unblock Twitch at school. To an untrained eye, there can be several reasons behind this cause. In this article, we have discussed the possible culprits and the most useful methods to get Twitch unblocked.

How to Unblock Twitch at School

How to Unblock Twitch at School

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What Makes Twitch Popular?

Twitch lets you watch and learn from live streaming of pro gamers or interact with the gaming community from the entire world. Although a rookie gamer may fail to understand its irresistible charm, its growing user base speaks otherwise. Here you can spend hours watching your favorite game ranging from League of Legends to Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, Minecraft, COD, and more. In other words, you can find something for every distinct taste and preference.

Apart from this, you can also conduct live-streaming for the community. Furthermore, Twitch users can purchase games through streams which also helps the latter in earning commissions via affiliate links. Apart from this, you can also upgrade your basic privileges by choosing one of their subscription packages. This helps remove unwanted ads and helps you earn chat badges and emotes.

Interestingly, Twitch does not limit itself to the Gaming genre only. Instead, it expands the horizon of its categories to Travel, Music, Sports, Night Shows, Food and Drinks, Special Events, and more. Unblock Twitch at school to join the community today and get ready to create, engage, and learn every day.

What are the Reasons You Can’t Access Twitch?

The most common reasons that make Twitch inaccessible for users are:

  • Server issues– The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is a server issue. When this happens, your Twitch chat may not load or the extension might stop working abruptly.
  • Malware – In this tech-savvy world, scams and cyber-attacks have become an everyday phenomenon. They can easily infect your system and make things impossible to work out. In this case, preventing malware by regular virus scans becomes crucial.
  • Account problems – It is also possible that something is wrong with your Twitch user account. For instance, users often report resetting passwords unavailable on the app. In this case, VPNs or third-party apps cannot help you.
  • Deliberate restrictions- School administrators often deliberately block access to some sites and apps. Doing this helps them reduce distractions and promote productivity. Also, this prevents users from clogging the school’s bandwidth.

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How to Unblock Twitch on a School Chromebook

Are you trying to unblock Twitch at school unblock Twitch at school during breaks but failing every time? If so, you can try your luck at any of the below-mentioned methods and see what works for your case.

Method 1: Talk to Administrators

The first and foremost thing you should do to unblock Twitch on a school Chromebook is talking to the school administrators. This method works if they have deliberately banned the website for any reason. As they say, good communication has the power to move mountains. So, approach your seniors with the utmost respect and try to understand their reasons, and act accordingly.

Method 2: Copy the Discord Address

This method only works if you are dealing with keyword-based blockers. This is how you are supposed to do it:

1. Hit the Windows key, type Command Prompt, then click on Run as administrator.

Type Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator

2. Here, type ping and press the Enter key.

ping command prompt

3. Open Chromebook and copy paste the IP in the address bar and hit the Enter key.

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Method 3: Use a VPN Server

Geo-blocking is another common reason why some people cannot access Twitch on their laptops. To solve this, using a VPN is a sound and safe option. You can mask your real IP address so that the school or workplace cannot prevent blocking sites. The most preferred VPNs for such tasks are:

  • NordVPN– Nord offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and protects all your devices using the same account. It supports Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, and Linux. Nord also lets you support 6 devices simultaneously and an extensive range of 5000+ servers.
  • CyberGhost VPN– It uses 256-bit AES encryption on all major operating systems and routers. Its strong privacy laws avoid logging your activity to maintain the highest level of security and anonymity. Moreover, you also get a 45-day money-back guarantee to test the features with no risk.
  • IPVanish– This option covers high-speed connections, a no-logs policy, unmetered connections, and more under its purview. You can secure unlimited devices with advanced encryption to ensure online anonymity with no safety breach.
  • Express VPN– Express VPN ensures you and your devices are covered with utmost safety and its top-notch security system. It houses fast servers in more than 90 countries for more options and fewer interruptions.

ExpressVPN. How to Unblock Twitch at School

Method 4: Use a Proxy Server

Do you think that VPN is not the right choice for your work or school? If so, using a proxy is the next best thing to get Twitch unblocked. Many times, systems at educational institutions do not allow the user to download and install any EXE files. In this case, you can use a proxy that acts pretty much the same as a VPN by providing you with a different IP address.

Take a quick look at this list of the best proxies to unblock Twitch at school:

  • Proxy Empire– It is the only proxy provider that offers the efficiency of rollover data. Here you can choose between Datacenter, Residential, and Mobile proxies with VIP integration support, 99.86% uptime, and a super-fast rotating proxy network with individually tested IP addresses.
  • SSL Private Proxy– It offers Private, Pinterest, Instagram, and Classified Ads proxies with dedicated IPs, unlimited bandwidth, and multiple subnets. The best part about SSL proxy is that its proxies are hosted on Dual Intel Xeon servers with 99.9% uptime, +16GB RAM, and 1000Mpbps internet connections.
  • BeeProxy– Here you get to choose between Premium Residential and Mobile proxies under a budget. BeeProxy offers full anonymity at lightning-fast 4G proxies, unlimited bandwidth, and a unique dashboard for easy management.
  • Soax Proxy– This option is great for Residential and Mobile proxies with zero IP blocks and routing logic. Using its dashboard, you can whitelist IPs, monitor traffic usage, configure proxies, and do a lot more easily.
  • Proxy Seller– It offers 1GB/s and proxies from 800 subnets with 300+ networks. With its elite HTTP and Socks5 proxies, you can enjoy anonymity for much longer than usual. Proxy Seller also offers o offers 99% Uptime with round-the-clock customer care service for quick solutions.
  • Bright Data Proxy– This award-winning proxy service provider offers Residential, Mobile, ISP, and Datacenter proxies. With 99.9% uptime, it offers the highest quality of service with more than 195 location options.
  • Blazing SEO Proxy– Blazing SEO offers customized proxy options with unlimited bandwidth and multiple server locations across the world. Its dedicated servers strive hard to run things smoothly each time you wish to access a banned or blocked site.
  • High Proxies– All proxies by High Proxies are highly anonymous options with HTTP/HTTPS. Its dedicated IP addresses boost the overall performance of 99.9% Uptime for maximum availability. You can go for Private proxies, Social Media Proxies, Shared Proxies, and Classified AD ones as per your need.
  • Smart Proxy– Smart Proxy offers multiple plans with different features to accommodate all users within different budgets. It offers unlimited bandwidth, a single-click set-up facility, unlimited connections, and high scalability. In other words, it is worth each penny as you can also unblock Twitch proxy.
  • Shifter Proxy– If you want excellent connectivity with 99.9% Uptime and multiple protocols including HTTP/S & Socks 4/5, this is the right option. Its distributed cloud infrastructure reduces latency while the API makes it easy to configure.

Shifter Proxy

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Things to Consider in a Twitch Proxy

Although there are multiple proxy server providers on the internet, you need to remember that not all have the right features. You need to pick something that goes well with your requirements, fits the budget, and unblock Twitch proxy.

  • Number of Servers: A good proxy server provider must ensure multiple servers with every subscription option. It widens your options and helps you make the most out of the plan. After all, settling for less is not really the plan, is it?
  • Multi-platform support: This simply means that the proxy server can provide you with the benefits of multi-platform support. Imagine what you can do if it can support all the devices you own with minimal human interference. Moreover, it also ensures that you are not restricting yourself to a single device for streaming.
  • Speed and uptime: This is something you cannot mess with since it holds a crucial place. You need to ensure that the proxy server is capable of maintaining the speed it claims at a steady pace.
  • Privacy policies: Before selecting a proxy server, it is necessary to ensure that it has strict privacy policies. In other words, it should not track your online activities or keep a tab on you. Most importantly, military-grade encryption is a great addition, if possible.
  • Price: Reliable and authentic proxy server providers do not charge hidden fees anywhere. Instead, users pay for what they want with several discounts and offer around the year.

Note: Heavy discounts are more likely to make an appearance during festivals and the holiday season.

How Do You Watch Twitch If the Site is Blocked

Ans. Follow these steps to watch Twitch using VPNs:

1. Download the VPN app on your smartphone or Desktop.

install nordVPN. How to Unblock Twitch at School

2. Purchase a subscription package according to your requirements and make the payment.

3. Choose from the extensive range of server locations and connect to enjoy Twitch with no restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you bypass a block on Twitch?

Ans. Using a VPN is the easiest method of bypassing a block on Twitch. It helps you unblock geographical restrictions on inclusive content and unblock banned sites in your country. You can connect and choose any server location via a VPN and access Twitch easily.

Q2. How do I unblock Twitch from school?

Ans. As mentioned earlier, unblocking Twitch from school is not rocket science. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods and access live streaming and other engaging content on the platform.


Twitch is unarguably one of the biggest streaming platforms preferred by gamers. Owing to its broad range of categories and interesting features, the world is seeing an unexpected increase in its user base. Now that you know how to unblock Twitch at school, you can easily enjoy live streaming without any more interruptions. We would love to read your suggestions and feedback so let us know about the same in the comments below.

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