How To Type Exponents On iPhone

Your search to find superscripts on your phone is now over!

Do you often rely on your iPhone to solve mathematical questions and find it challenging to input exponents? It’s not just you! Exponents can be difficult to type on phones. But don’t worry! We have a solution to help you understand how to type exponents or superscripts on your iPhone. Stay with us until we find the answer!

How To Type Exponents On iPhone

How to Type Exponents/Superscript/Small Numbers on iPhone

To begin with, exponents, superscripts, and small numbers are the same. They are essentially the number that represents the power to another number or variant. When it comes to being able to use exponent in a calculator, it is an easy process. Let’s check out the methods below!

Note: The same setting options might not be available on all iOS versions. Make sure that the software on your iPhone is updated to the latest version. The following methods were tried on iOS 17.0.3.

Method 1: Rotate Screen

You can follow the steps that are below to rotate your screen.

1. Swipe down the control center and turn on the rotate mode on your iPhone.

Drag down control center

2. Now, open the calculator app and rotate your screen.

Open calculator and rotate the phone.

You will be able to see the exponent options.

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Method 2: Text Replacement

Text replacement allows you to create shortcuts for the text that you frequently use. It can help you to write exponents too. Follow the steps below to learn how you can type superscript on an iPhone.

Note: The text replacement might not work on the Notes App.

1. Open any browser of your choice. We have used Google Chrome.

2. Now search for Small 2, exponents, or x square.

Open google and search for small 2 or x square | how to type exponents on iPhone

3. From the results, long press power of 2 and tap on Copy.

Copy the exponent

4. Open the Settings App on your iPhone.

5. Go to General.

Go to general

6. Now, tap on Keyboard to open keyboard settings.

Open Keyboard | how to type exponents on iPhone

7. Tap on Text Replacement.

Open text replacement

8. Paste the copied power in the Phrase field.

Paste the copied exponent in the phrase sention

9. In the shortcut field, type any symbol that you can use to replace with the exponent when typed.

Choose and type a symbol which will be replaced as the exponent above

10. Tap on Save. Now any time when you type that shortcut symbol, it will change to the superscript or exponent that you saved.

Click on save | how to type exponents on iPhone

11. To test it, go to Messages and open a chat. In the message section, type X.

Open text messages or doc

12. Then, type ^ symbol or any other symbol that you have selected. You will be shown the power or exponent option automatically.

Type the shortcut and select the exponent or simply tap on enter

The result will appear as given below:

The symbol will be replaced by the exponent | how to type exponents on iPhone

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Where is An Exponent in the iPhone Calculator?

iPhone has two options for a calculator. If you use portrait mode, you will be able to see a normal calculator with just the bare minimum operators like subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division along with a few other basic functions. However, when you rotate the screen, the scientific calculator comes into the picture and you can use exponents for various calculations as well as see iPhone calculator history.

With just a few simple steps, you can also use and type exponents in a calculator as well as in text format. We hope the above-mentioned methods worked out for you in finding out how to type exponents on iPhone without any errors. That’s all for now! Drop a comment if you have any more queries.

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