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How to Turn Off Seen on Instagram

Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the United States, Instagram is a social networking site for sharing photos and videos. Facebook Inc. eventually purchased Instagram, which is now known as Meta Platforms. Users of the app are able to upload media that may be altered with filters and arranged using hashtags and geotagging. Public or followers who have already been approved can see posts. Also, users can view trending material, like photographs, follow other users to add their content to a personal feed, explore other users’ content by tag and location, and browse other users’ content by location and tag. In the communication of instant messages, read receipts are significant. They serve as a signal to the sender that you have read and recognized their messages. To prevent the read receipts, however, many users choose to turn off this function or read their direct messages when offline. If you are someone looking for tips about how to see messages without being seen, this article is for you! We are bringing you a helpful guide that will help you learn how to turn off seen on Instagram, turn off read receipts on Instagram, and why is message delivered but not seen.

How to Turn Off Seen on Instagram

How to Turn Off Seen on Instagram

One of Instagram’s finest features is the ability to secretly send someone a photo, video, or text via the DM, or direct messaging tool. You may communicate with your pals on the platform in this manner. You may even respond to people’s tales using it. The response you send when you do that gets to the Direct Message box. You may have a discussion with anyone you follow and who follows you on Instagram using the DM feature. Your message will appear in the target person’s message requests even if they choose not to follow you.

However, you may always get in touch with them and perform the following actions:

  • Text messages in plain text
  • Send pictures or videos
  • Share vanishing photos or videos you take using the Instagram app
  • Send the articles or videos from your newsfeed
  • Transfer hashtags and locations

You can accomplish everything using direct messages, as you can read above. Now, let’s see if you can really turn off seen on Instagram.

Can You Turn Off Seen Option on Instagram?

No, you cannot turn off seen option on Instagram. The read receipts on Instagram cannot be turned off. The other person will be aware that you read a direct message or a message request whenever you decide to do so. Reading communications indirectly is the only way to do it without also reading receipts, like through the notifications panel.

Can You Read a Message on Instagram without It Saying Seen?

No, you cannot read a message on Instagram without it saying seen. The sender will get to know that you have read a direct message or a message request. Though you may look at chats and messages anonymously. The message may be read without pressing it from the notification panel. But for that, you should already have enabled the DM notifications for the Instagram app on your phone.

How Can You See Messages without Being Seen?

You can see messages indirectly through the notification panel without being seen. Reading messages indirectly can be done only in this way. The Instagram app won’t show that you have viewed a direct message if you don’t open the inbox.

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Can You Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram?

No, you cannot turn off read receipts on Instagram. However, the Insta app cannot display the Seen receipt to the sender if you read the texts just from the notification panel.

Can You Turn Read Receipts Off for One Person?

No, you cannot selectively turn off read receipts for one person on Instagram. The read receipts on Instagram cannot be turned off at all. The sender, whether one or many, will get to know when you read a message.

Why is Message Delivered But Not Seen?

For a message to be seen, the receiver has to open the DM directly. If your message is not read because you are not being seen, it has either been read from the chat list or has not been read at all. A SEEN indicator has been added underneath your message in Instagram’s latest upgrade to direct messaging, letting you know that someone has seen it. this is why the message delivered but not seen.

How Can You Read Your Messages without being Seen on Messenger?

You cannot read your messages without being seen on Messenger. To read your messages without being seen on Messenger, you will have to indirectly read them. You will have to turn on your Airplane Mode when you receive a message from a Messenger chat so you may view it privately. Due to the lack of an internet connection, Messenger can no longer process the fact that you have read the message.

Now, tap the Airplane mode | why is message delivered but not seen

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How Can You See Your BF Text Messages?

You cannot see your BF’s texts without access to his account or phone. But you can try the below-mentioned workarounds to try to do that:

  • You can see text messages of other persons only if you know their account credentials, i.e., username and password.
  • You can also retrieve their personal phone to see text messages.

How Can You See Who Your Husband is Texting?

You cannot see who your husband is texting without having access to his account or phone. You can retrieve their personal phone, or find out their account credentials to see those text messages.

How Can You Tell If Your Boyfriend is Hiding Something on his Phone?

You can tell if your boyfriend is hiding something on his phone if you have access to his phone or social media credentials.

How Can You See What Your Husband is Doing on his Phone?

You can see what your husband is doing on his phone if you know the credentials of:

  • His mobile phone
  • Social media accounts


We hope that you learned about why is message delivered but not seen and if you can learn how to turn off seen on Instagram. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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