How to Translate YouTube Videos to English on Android

With over 2 billion active users streaming various videos for different purposes, YouTube stands out as one of the most used social media apps. This invites multilingual users who need subtitles over videos to understand what it means. Ever come across foreign content and wished there was a way to translate YouTube videos to English on your Android phone? Well, the good news is, you can! Let’s check out how.

How to Translate YouTube Videos to English on Android

How to Translate YouTube Videos to English on Android

Having the translation over videos on YouTube not only helps you understand your language while you’re busy but also opens up diverse content for you to enjoy. So, whether you’re exploring tutorials, vlogs, or music videos, now you won’t miss out on any sentence. Here’s how you can easily translate videos into English:

1. Open YouTube and select the video of your choice.

2. Tap on CC at the top of the video.

Tap on CC at the top of the video

3. If your video is in a foreign language and the subtitles are not automatically generated in English, tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the video.

4. Tap on Captions, then on Auto-translate, and select English.

How to Translate Your YouTube Video Content

If you are a creator of the video and wish to add captions for easy translation of your videos to cater to a wide audience, follow the steps mentioned below to add subtitles over your videos:

1. Log in to your YouTube Studio app and tap on the profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Tap on Content from the left menu.

3. Hover over the video you wish to translate and tap on the Edit icon under it.

4. Tap on Subtitles from the left menu and select ADD LANGUAGE.

5. Select Auto-Sync.

Note: You can also select Upload file if you have a translated file.

Select Auto-Sync.

Can I Translate any YouTube Video?

No, some YouTube videos might not have the auto-translate feature on their videos. In this case, you can open Google Translate and use voice translation to put it over the video and check for the translation.

Can YouTube Add Subtitles in Another Language?

Yes, YouTube provides the option to add various languages like Hindi, Spanish, German, and much more.

Can I Manually Translate YouTube Videos to English on Android?

No, there is no in-built feature to manually translate an entire YouTube video on Android.

Are Automatic Translations Accurate for YouTube Videos on Android?

No, automatic translations provided by YouTube’s caption translation feature may not always be 100% accurate because they rely on machine learning algorithms. Several factors like language complexity or dialects can change the accuracy of translations.

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Now you can translate YouTube videos to English while watching on your Android device. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Keep visiting our page for more informative articles.

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