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How To Stop Hearing Yourself On Xbox Mic

A guide to disabling sidetone and restoring clarity on Xbox headsets.

Xbox gaming devices by Microsoft have revolutionized the industry with their innovation. However, the sidetone feature on consoles, which allows users to hear their own speech while communicating, can be either beneficial or bothersome. If you find yourself wanting to disable this feature, whether for personal preference or to minimize distractions, we have a helpful guide just for you. Learn to adjust the settings on your headset to stop hearing yourself on the Xbox mic.

how to stop hearing yourself on mic xbox

How to Stop Hearing Yourself on Xbox Mic

It can be confusing and difficult to interact with other players if you keep hearing your speech through your Xbox headset. Such an experience can be challenging but fortunately, we have the solution you need. In this guide, we will address this issue and provide effective strategies to help you eliminate the distraction of hearing your voice during gameplay.

You can attempt the following actions to try to resolve this problem:

Method 1: Adjust the Microphone Volume

The microphone level should be adjusted because if it’s too loud, you might hear your speech due to feedback. Reduce the level by using the controls on your headphone or the Xbox settings, if possible.

Method 2: Move the Microphone Away from your Mouth

Your speech might be caught up and played back through your earpiece if the microphone is too close to your lips. Therefore, move the microphone away from your mouth. Consider shifting the microphone a little bit away from your lips.

Method 3: Make Sure your Earpiece is Connected

Ensure that your Xbox controller or device and headphones are connected securely. Feedback and other problems may result from sloppy links and therefore you might hear yourself on mic on Xbox.

Method 4: Try Using a Different Headset

If the issue persists despite attempts to resolve it, it may be worth considering the use of an alternative headphone. This step can help determine if the headset itself is the root cause of the problem. By trying out a different headphone, you can isolate the source of the issue.

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Method 5: Restart your Xbox

In some cases, fixing auditory interference just requires a restart. Try shutting off and then turning back on your Xbox device a few times. This will help you out if you are still hearing yourself on mic on Xbox.

1. Launch the Power Center by pressing and holding the Xbox button present in the center of the controller.

2. Select Restart console.

Select Restart console

3. Select Restart to confirm.

Method 6: Update your Xbox Controller Firmware

Update your Xbox controller’s software if you’re using a wireless headphone attached to it. Also, make sure your controller’s version is current if you’re using an Xbox controller with a wireless headset. Audio feedback problems can arise from outdated software.

1. Launch the guide by pressing the Xbox button and selecting Profile & System.

2. Click on Settings.

go to settings on xbox | how to stop hearing yourself on mic xbox

3. Select System from the settings menu and click on Updates & downloads.

select Updates and Downloads in Xbox System Setting | how to stop hearing yourself on mic xbox

5. Select Update console.

6. Select the checkbox for Keep my console up-to-date.

7. Finally, Reboot the Xbox One console.

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Why Can I Hear Myself Through My Own Xbox Mic?

The sidetone effect is probably to blame if you can hear yourself on Xbox through your own microphone. Many gaming headphones have a function called sidetone that enables you to talk into the earpiece and hear your own voice. The goal of sidetone is to assist you in keeping track of the volume and intelligibility of your own voice so that you can modify the volume and tone of your speech as necessary.

How do I Stop Hearing Myself on My Headset Xbox Series S?

You might need to modify the sidetone options on your headphone or Xbox Series S if you can hear yourself speaking through your headset when using the console.

You can switch off sidetone by doing the following steps:

1. Press the Xbox button on your gamepad and select Profile & system.

2. Select Settings and then Ease of Access.

3. Choose Audio and check to see that Mic monitoring is disabled under Headset mic.

To change the side tone options or switch it off if your headphone has their own, consult the manual for your particular headset.

Try the following procedures if you’re still able to hear yourself through your earpiece after changing the settings:

  • Your earpiece should be disconnected from your Xbox Series S and then reconnected.
  • Restart both your headphones and your Xbox Series S.
  • Make sure your headset is correctly inserted into your gamepad or gaming device and inspect it for any harm or loose connections.
  • If none of these fixes the problem, there might be a technical problem with your headset, in which case you should get in touch with the maker or Xbox support for more help.

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How to Turn Off Mic Monitoring Xbox One

By changing the options in the Xbox One device, you can disable the mic track on the Xbox One. The steps to turn off mic monitoring on Xbox One are as follows:

1. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button on your gamepad and select Settings.

2. Select Display & sound.

3. Choose Volume and Headset under Party chat output.

4. Disable Headset mic monitoring.

Note: To disable mic monitoring, you might also need to change the settings on your headset if it has its own mic monitoring controls.

Disable Headset mic monitoring.

We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to know how to stop hearing yourself on Xbox mic. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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