How to Set Up Counter-Strike 2 Private Lobby

Elevate your Counter-Strike 2 experience with private lobbies for customized and managed gaming sessions!

Setting up private lobbies is an excellent way to hang out with friends and play practice rounds in Counter-Strike 2. These private areas make an even more customized and managed gaming experience possible.

Don’t know how to set up Counter-Strike 2 private lobby? Our in-depth guide is here to help you out and experience the ultimate gaming environment!

How to set up counter-strike 2 private lobby

How to Set Up Counter-Strike 2 Private Lobby 

Private lobbies are a great place to hang out with friends while playing games. You have to play a few games in casual mode in order to access the function. Once unlocked, set up Counter-Strike 2 private lobbies by following the instructions below:

1. Click on PLAY and select the MATCHMAKING tab.

Note: You can also select the Practice tab to create a private lobby.


3. Click on SHARE CODE to copy and share the code with your friends.

Note: You can also invite friends by right-clicking on the game and choosing Invite to Play on the Steam Overlay page. To go to the Steam Overlay page, press Shift + Tab keys.

4. Turn on the toggle for Open Party so that anyone with the code can join the lobby.

Turn lobby to open party.

5. Select the map and click on GO.

Now, you can create a private lobby just for you and your friends.

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How to Create a Counter-Strike 2 Custom Lobby

It’s pretty simple to create a custom lobby in Counter-Strike 2. Follow the steps mentioned in the section above to create a personalized lobby. 

How to Create Private Lobby in Counter-Strike 2 Using Custom Workshops Map

Download the workshop map file from the Workshop section and follow the steps mentioned below to create a private lobby.

Note: Ensure that you share the IP address only with your friends to avoid privacy breaches.

1. Go to the PLAY tab and choose a workshop map.

Note: You can also click on Visit Workshop at the bottom left corner and download a new map.

2. Choose CUSTOM in the game mode.

choose custom

3. In the console, type bot_kick and hit the Enter key.

4. Now, open the Command Prompt on your device, type ipconfig and hit the Enter key.

5. Copy Default Gateway address and paste it into the browser.

6. Enter the administrator username and password for your router.

7. Click on Port Forwarding and enter the IPv4 address copied from Command Prompt.

8. Choose Protocol as TCP and UDP.

9. Enter 27015 for both WAN Starting Port and WAN Ending Port.

10. Click on Save

11. Find your IP address using any online site, like IP Chicken.

copy IP address

Now, you can share your public IP address with your friends.

If you don’t want to share your IP address, you can search online for some available servers to play in custom workshop maps.

How to Set a Counter-Strike 2 Private Match with Friends on Steam

Follow either of the methods above to set up a Counter-Strike 2 private match with friends. 

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How to Invite Friends to Private Matchmaking in Counter-Strike 2

To invite your friends, you can either press Shift + Tab or share the Matchmaking code with your friends and turn your settings to Open Party.

How to Set Up Your Own Dedicated Server on Counter-Strike 2

Setting up a dedicated server helps you get an easy way to connect with your friends. Follow the steps mentioned in How to Create Private Lobby in Counter-Strike 2 Using Custom Workshops Map heading to set up a dedicated server. 

Ask your friends to select PLAY > Community Server Browser and enter the IP address to join the server.

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Introduce your friends to a private lobby and have fun playing your favorite game. If you want to play a custom match, a competitive match, or just a casual match teaming up, there’s everything in Counter-Strike 2. We hope you now know how to set up a Counter-Strike 2 private lobby. Keep reading our blogs for more information and leave your queries below.

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