How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile: Track Your Visitors

Debunk the myths and get insights into your Twitter profile!

Twitter is a dynamic social media platform with a huge user base. As an active user, it’s natural to be curious to know who visited your profile and has shown interest in your tweets. However the query is, can you see who visits your page and views your Twitter profile, and if so, how to do the same? Read more to find out!

how to see who viewed your twitter profile

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

Unfortunately, Twitter does not provide a native feature to see who exactly views your profile. The platform only provides view counts for individual tweets, indicating the total number of times a tweet has been seen. 

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics to view monthly statistics on how many times your profile and tweets have been viewed. You can rather get an understanding of your followers and the community. Moreover, it depicts how your posts performed over the days. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable Twitter analytics:

1. Go to Twitter and from the left-hand panel click on More.

2. Now, click on Creator Studio and then on Analytics.

Now, click on Creator’s Studio and you’ll see the option of Analytics

3. On the Analytics page, Click on Turn analytics on.

When you will click on Analytics, you be redirected to new tab of Twitter Analytics. Here click on Turn analytics on

You’ll be able to view the complete statistical data of your Twitter profile.

You’ll be able to view the full statistical data of your Twitter profile.

Note: It’s important to note that Twitter analytics reveals the number of Profile visits and not the name of users who visited your profile.

Use Third-Party Twitter Analytics Apps

You can also use third-party Twitter analytics tools as well. Some of these also claim that you can see who views your Twitter page both on desktop and Android. You can try them out.

Note: We do not endorse any such apps/software that offer such content/services; therefore, use these at your discretion.

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Lastly, despite popular demand, due to privacy concerns, there is currently no legitimate way to see who viewed your profile on Twitter. However, if you want to gain insights into your profile statistics, you can use the methods given above. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section given below.

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