How to See Your Spotify Wrapped 2023

We heard your wrap tastes like music, is it true?

As the year draws to a close, listeners on Spotify await to discover their listening habits. Well, Spotify Wrapped summarizes it for users and provides them with a personalized fun slideshow about their most-streamed songs, podcasts, artists, and genres. So, are you eager to know when will Spotify Wrapped come out in 2023 and how to see it? We will show you how. Let’s not keep you waiting and get started with it.

How to See Your Spotify Wrapped 2023

How to See Spotify Wrapped in 2023 on Android and iPhone

Well, for online music streamers on Spotify, Wrapped is no less than an awaited annual tradition that allows them to recap songs that defined the year for them. Just like every other year, even in 2023, the Wrapped campaign was released in early December. Many users have already received a teaser notification that mentions how many songs were listened them in 2023 with a statement – Will this year’s number be higher or lower? All will be revealed soon in your 2023 Wrapped.

Note: Make sure to update the app to get your wrapped data.

Method 1: On Homepage

Once Spotify releases your Wrapped data, you will recieve the notification about it. Follow the steps below:

1. Open Spotify and tap on the Wrapped buble at the top. 

2. Tap on the Your Wrapped playlist or the Your 2023 Wrapped banner on the page.

Tap on the Wrapped buble at the top. Tap on the Your Wrapped playlist or the Your 2023 Wrapped banner on the page

This will start your Wrapped story that comprises of 22 parts including all the details about your music streaming activities on the platform.

Method 2: On Explore Page

You can also manually search for your Spotify Wrapped playlist. Not just that, you can also search for your old Wrapped playlists from pervious years.

1. Open Spotify and tap on the Search icon on the bottom.

2. Type Spotify Wrapped 2023 in the What do you want to listen to? text box or search for  or for any other year which you want to view.

Tap on the Search icon on the bottom. Type Spotify Wrapped 2023 in the What do you want to listen to text box

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Method 3: Search via Mobile Browser 

If you do not have to Spotify app installed, there’s an alternative way to see your Wrapped 2023 playlist on smartphone, using the mobile browser. 

1. On any browser on your smartphone, type in the search bar and hit the search icon or Go button.

On any browser on your smartphone, type Spotify wrapped URL in the search bar and hit the search icon or Go button

This will open the Spotify 2023 Wrapped page. 

2. Log in to your account and select your wrapped highlights.

How to Share Spotify Wrapped 

Wrapped by Spotify not only excites the users as they get to learn about their love and choice of music for the current year, but also that they can share it with their friends and family. Here’s how:

1. Open your Spotify Wrapped 2023 playlist, tap on the three dots icon, and select Share from the menu.

select Share from the menu

2. Select the platform where you want to share the playlist. You can also copy the link of your playlist.

You can even change the background color of the image by clicking on Edit at the top right corner. 

When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

Earlier it was believed that the last day of Soptify used to track music for each year up to 31 October and the next tracking period used to start in January of next year. However, Spotify replied to a recent deleted tweet from Pop Base, by saying – Hmm, that doesn’t sound right to us. Don’t worry; Wrapped is still counting past Oct. 31. Which indicates that it does not stop tracking and data from the entire year is collected and curated in the playlist.

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⁠Spotify Wrapped 2023 Welcomes New Features

Something or the other is always exciting about Spotify Wrapped. In 2022 it gave a listening personality to every user on the basis of MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality test. Even this year it has came with new additional features to engage you more.

  • Me in 2023: It considers your music streaming habits in 2023 and based on that, it assigns you one of the 12 specific listening characters including Vampire, Time traveler, Cyclops, Hypnotist, Shapeshifter, and more.
  • Sound Town: Spotify matches your music taste, i.e., your most played songs or artists this year to a city somewhere, that apparently listens to the same. This year, your listening took you places… that’s what it says.
  • Wrapped Blend: Just as the name suggests, it allows you to invite your friends and create a Blend playlist of all your most streamed songs in 2023.
  • AI DJ: Spotify launched their AI powered DJ earlier in 2023. Well, as the year is about to end, AI DJ is all set to create a playlist based on your Wrapped data, i.e., most played songs, artists, and genres plus additional commentary on it.
  • Genre Sandwich: Spotify plans this year to present the top genres from your personal Wrapped data in the form of fillings of a sandwich, where the bigger filling marks the genre you most listened to.

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What are Spotify Wrapped Predictors

Spotify Wrapped Predictors are third party tools that predict what your annual wrapped for a year will be. It gives you stats on your top artists, most listened songs etc. Some of the popular predictor websites include Stats for Spotify, How bad is your Spotify etc. However, there is no such official feature released yet by Spotify.

Top Spotify Wrapped Alternatives

Just like Spotify, there are other third party apps and websites that can analyze your music listening habits and provide you Wrapped like data. Some of them are:

1. Instafest

It allows users to share their music history on their social platforms. It generates a poster with top artists listened to by you. 

2. How NPRcore are you?

You can sync your Spotify with How NPRcore are you. Once synced, it closely checks your tracks and artists that match with National Public Radio’s recommendations and provides you data based on that.

3. Spotistats (

Spotistats (

This app is available on app store and play store. It lets you see different things like your top artists, top genres, recently played tracks etc. It is free but you can also get a subscription of this app for $3.49.

4. Receiptify 

It gives your top ten songs written on a receipt. You can choose your list of the previous month, last six months or all the time. You can share this receipt on social media.

5. Sort Your Music

It gives you a deep analysis of your Spotify playlist. It sorts your music on the basis of danceability, energy etc. 


It is somewhat similar to Spotify blend as it compares your tracks with other users and friends and creates a playlist based on the results. 

7. Discover Quickly

It sorts your songs into different categories like danceability, energy etc. It lets you choose a genre and makes you a playlist based on that.

8. Moodify

It is an AI that makes a playlist for you based on your song listening mood. So, whatever song you’re listening to, it’ll give you a whole playlist of that mood or genre.

9. Obscurify


It rates your music in different parameters like danceability, happiness etc. It compares your music with other users and lets you know your top artists.

10. Icebergify

It creates an iceberg of your music history and manages them popularity and obscurity basis. The top of the iceberg will consist of the artist you listen to the most to.

Spotify Wrapped just makes it easier for users to learn more about their music taste and share their favorites on social media and we hope our guide helped you see yours for 2023. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Until then, keep Spotifying and stay connected to TechCult for more informative blogs.

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