How to See Someone’s Birthday on Instagram and Suprise them with Gifts

Hold onto your party hats, folks. You have your ultimate birthday detective!

Remember when we used to get notified about our friends’ birthdays on Facebook? Do you also want to surprise someone by wishing them on their birthday without waiting for them to tell you the date? If you have been looking for ways to see someone’s birthday on Instagram, in this article, we’ll guide you with a few tricks. Let’s get started!

How to see someone's birthday on Instagram

How To See Someone’s Birthday On Instagram

Before we guide you through the process, the question arises if you can see someone’s birthday on Instagram. Presently, neither the platform offers a direct option for such activities nor is there any free tool to check it. However, there are a few indirect ways to do the same. Give them a try and start your countdown for their birthday!  You can check their bio, posts, stories, and tagged posts to get someone’s birthdate on Instagram.

Method 1: Check Their Bio

A biography, also known as a bio, is a short description users add about themselves to their Instagram profile. Some users prefer to enter their birthdates in the bio. You can see if the user you want to see the birthday of has added the date to their Instagram bio. 

1. Open Instagram and tap on the Magnifying Glass icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Search for the username of your friend or any person.

Alternatively, if the user is in your friend list, you can go into your following or follower section in your profile.

3. Check their bio section if they mentioned their birthday. 

Visit the profile of the person and check the bio section to find their birthday. | How To See Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

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Method 2: Check Their Posts or Tagged Posts

If someone hasn’t mentioned their birthdate in their Instagram bio, you can check their posts or in which they are tagged. As we know users often post their birthday pics on Instagram or even it is possible for the user’s friends to have tagged them on their birthday, you might get the date from there. To access their posts/tagged posts

1. Open the person’s Instagram profile and tap the Grid icon to see their post.

2. Alternatively, tap on the tag icon to see their tagged posts

Check Their Posts or Tagged Posts

Method 3: Check Their Instagram Highlights

The last thing you can do is check Instagram story highlights to see someone’s birthday on Instagram.

1. Go to the user’s profile.

2. In the highlights, tap and check through the highlights added to the profile.

tap on Highlights in Instagram android app profile | How To See Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

You might get their birthday stories in the highlights.

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Let us know if our tricks to know someone’s birthday on Instagram helped you shower your friends with well-deserved birthday wishes, and make their day even more memorable. Thank you for reading.

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