How to See Private Twitter Accounts Followers

Unlock the mystery to view private Twitter accounts' followers!

Respecting other people’s privacy is an unwritten rule when you’re on social media. However, there are times when we get curious to see others’ profiles, such as private accounts on Twitter. However, the platform is known to keep private users on the low. During these times, we wish we could know how to see private Twitter accounts followers and profiles. So, keep reading till the end.

How to See Private Twitter Accounts Followers

How to See or View Private Twitter Accounts Followers Without Following

Following and unfollowing is a part of the social media world. You add some; you remove some! But what about when you want insights into a private account without following them to know their followers? First things first, there is no direct way to see the followers of a private account on Twitter unless you follow them. Refer to the section below to know the walkaround:

Method 1: Asking a Mutual Friend

You can check the private Twitter account without following if someone in your known already follows that account or you can ask someone to follow that account. This way you can easily get some information on your desired account.

Method 2: Using Google or Other Search Engines

You may be able to locate the profile you are targeting using Google if it was once public. Public Twitter tweets from the past are indexed by Google. As a result, some of their earlier posts that were once public may turn up when you conduct a Google search. Simply search for their name in the search bar.

Method 3: Creating a Fake Account

To avoid restrictions on private Twitter account, then you can try creating a fake or dummy account and send them a request. If they accept your request, then you can easily view their profile.

Method 4: Using Third-Party Tools

If none of the methods worked to view a private Twitter account without following it, you have to use third-party online tools and apps for the purpose. Private Twitter viewer tools like uMobix and Eyezy let you see the followers of a private account on Twitter. Also, you can use parental control tools like Qustodio, mSpy, and Net Nanny to monitor your child’s private Twitter account.

Note: We do not endorse third-party websites as they may expose your device to unwanted malware or viruses. User discretion is advised!


Can Protected Tweets be Viewed Without Following? Can I See Hidden Twitter Tweets? 

No, you cannot see protected or hidden tweets without following the user.

How to View Protected Tweets Without Following

You can try different ways to view protected tweets without following them. Here are some methods:

Method 1: Asking Someone to Send Tweets

If you know someone who follows the private user, then you can ask them to send tweets.

Method 2: Creating a Fake Account

You can always create a dummy account and send the user a follow request. If they accept your request, you will be able to view their tweets.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Tools

Some third-party tools or apps enable you to view protected tweets. Although, remember not to rely completely on them as not all of them are safe and secure. Follow the steps mentioned below to see protected tweets using uMobix:

1. Open uMobix on your phone or PC and tap on TRY NOW

Click on try now

2. Create your account by entering your email.

3. Now, select the target device to be monitored.

4. Choose the subscription plan from the options that are suitable for you.

Choose subscription | how to see private twitter accounts followers

5. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account and view their protected tweets.

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What Does a Locked Twitter Profile Look Like? 

The locked Twitter accounts have a lock sign next to the user’s ID. You cannot see any posts from this ID unless it’s approved. You’ll see a text: These posts are protected.

private twitter profile

What are the Restrictions on Private Twitter Accounts? 

There are various restrictions on a private Twitter account as compared to a public account:

  • Limits on Visibility: If someone has a private account, then only the followers that are approved by them can see their tweets, followers, following, and other activities.
  • Less Interaction: The interaction with the community decreases as only the approved followers can like, reply, or retweet their tweets.
  • Unable to Repost: Sometimes the followers of a protected account cannot repost a tweet if it’s protected.
  • Search Limitations: The tweets or the account are not visible on public searches or lists. 

If Someone Retweets Private Tweets will it Show?

No, even if someone retweets private tweets, they will still not be shown to anyone who doesn’t have permission to view the original tweet as privacy is also applied to retweets. 

We hope this article helped you with how to see private Twitter accounts followers. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section.

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