How to See FaceTime History with One Person

Time travel to faces of the past!

No matter how far apart we are, video calls reduce the gap between us and our loved ones, bringing our faces closer together.

FaceTime allows Apple users to make high-quality video and audio calls over the internet with a simple tap. 

Want to view the FaceTime call history with one person? The wait is over as this article will show you how to do the same. Let’s dive right in!

how to see facetime history with one person

How to See FaceTime History with One Person

You might need to track your FaceTime conversations with someone, whether to recall those conversations again or to know your communication pattern with them. Fortunately, you can easily review your call history with the following methods:

Method 1: Via Contacts

Follow the steps mentioned below to see FaceTime for specific individuals directly from your contacts:

1. Open Contacts and move to the Recents tab.

2. Tap on the i icon next to the name of the targeted contact to see the most recent FaceTime call information.

Tap on the i icon next to the name of the targeted contact to see the most recent FaceTime call information

Method 2: Via FaceTime App

In the FaceTime app itself, you can see all your call history and find the one with your targeted contact as well.

1. Open the FaceTime app.

2. Swipe up or down to see any call history related to the specific person next to their name.

Swipe up or down to see any call history related to the specific person next to their name

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How to Recover Facetime History After it is Deleted

Unfortunately, you cannot see FaceTime history after it has been deleted. You either have to use a third-party tool or remove your entire data and back up from iCloud again to get all the information back.

Option 1: From iCloud

If you wish to remove all your data from your iPhone and recover your FaceTime history and log, follow the steps below to restore your backup from iCloud:

1. Go to Settings > General.

2. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone and tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

3. Select Continue and enter your password to reset and shut down the device.

4. Once restarted, select Restore from iCloud Backup under Apps & Data in the screen set-up process.

select Restore from iCloud Backup

5. Enter your Apple ID and password, select your backup, and keep tapping on Continue.

Your data will be recovered including FaceTime history and call logs.

Option 2: From Third-Party App

Follow the steps below to download and recover FaceTime history using a third-party app:

1. On your Mac or PC, install a recovery app for iPhone such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

2. Click on Recover from iCloud Backup, select Contacts & Call Logs, and click on Next.

Click on Contacts and Call Logs and select Next

4. Enter your password and Apple ID, select the call history from iCloud backup files, and click on Scan.

5. On the left, select Call History and click on Save.

Note: If you are unable to locate more calls you can select Deep Scan.

All your call logs and FaceTime history will be recovered.

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How to View and Download FaceTime Call History

You can follow the same steps as mentioned in the section above to view and download FaceTime call history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can you see your FaceTime history with someone?

Ans: Yes, you can see FaceTime history through Contacts or directly from the app.

Q2: Do Facetime calls made through a link also show up on call history?

Ans: Yes, even if you have joined a FaceTime call through a link provided by your friends, your call history will show under contacts and in the app history.

Q3: Is Facetime call history stored on iCloud?

Ans: Yes, if you have your FaceTime backup turned on in your iCloud account, then your call history will be stored in iCloud.

Now that you know how to see FaceTime history with one person, you can go down memory lane and show the exact date to your friends in a discussion.

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