How to Reset Magic Mouse

Without notice, your Apple magic mouse stopped working leaving you clueless about why did your Magic Mouse stop working. Well, if you are facing issues with the connectivity of the wireless mouse or you want to gift the Magic Mouse to a friend of yours or you might have received it from someone, resetting the mouse is the best choice for fresh use. In this article, we are going to discuss how to reset Magic Mouse as well as how to reset Magic Keyboard.

How to Reset Magic Mouse

How to Reset Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse is a wireless and rechargeable device with an optimized design that is extremely easy to use and it glides smoothly across your desk. The multi-touch allows you to simply scroll down through documents or swipe between web pages. It sure gets annoying when you get used to using a mouse and it stops working. Keep reading to find about it.

What is Magic Mouse?

How to Reset Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse is a multitouch mouse, launched in 2009. Magic Mouse has no buttons or wheels like your traditional mouse. The entire top surface is touch-sensitive, allowing it to respond to gestures for scrolling in all directions and hence creating a grand and effortless experience. But the twist to it is, it also functions as a regular click mouse.

The Apple Magic Mouse is compatible with almost every generation of iPad and Mac but it does have some requirements which are stated below.

Magic Mouse Requirement:

  • Bluetooth-enabled Mac with OS X 10.11 or later.
  • iPad with iPad OS 13.4 or later.

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Why Magic Mouse is Not Working?

As frustrating as it sounds, it is most likely to imagine that the rechargeable mouse stopped working. There can be many reasons why Magic Mouse is not working. Without further do, let us dive in.

  • The device might be turned off.
  • Bluetooth might not be connected or might be turned off.
  • The lightning cable might not be connected.
  • Ensure wireless interference.
  • The battery might not be charged.
  • The battery might not be intact.

Now that you have an idea of the cause of the issue, you would have a better idea of how to solve it.

How to Reset Magic Mouse 1

Apple Magic mouse is known to be notorious for having connection issues with a new Mac if still connected to an old device. Fortunately, a reset can fix this issue! If your Magic Mouse has frozen or having issues connecting to your Mac and it is getting you to think why Magic mouse is not working, don’t worry as you can always try resetting your mouse. Don’t know how to reset Magic Mouse? Don’t panic as we bring you the perfect guide to get it working again. Following are the steps to reset Magic Mouse 1.

Note: Once you are connected to your Mac via Bluetooth, click on the Menu bar. Follow the steps given below to reset the magic mouse.

1. Press Option + Shift keys simultaneously and click on the Bluetooth icon

2. Now, click on Factory reset all connected Apple devices

3. Next click OK to rest Magic Mouse 1.

Your connected devices will instantly return to factory settings and now you can re-pair the mouse right away.

Which is better Apple Magic Mouse 1 or 2?

Both Apple’s Magic Mouse 1 and 2 looks and feel almost the same but are tricky to distinguish. If you are new to using a wireless mouse, for obvious reasons you would want to use the best one. Hold on to this article as we are going to discuss the difference between Magic mouse 1 and 2 and discuss which is better.

Specs Magic Mouse 1 Magic Mouse 2
Model MB829LL/A 130426
Weight 3.7 oz 3.49 oz
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Interface Bluetooth Bluetooth
Battery 2 AA batteries Non-removable inbuilt rechargeable batteries
Color Silver Silver, Space Grey
Tracking Technology Laser Laser
Width 2.2 inches 2.2 inches
Price $79 $90
Features It has miniature sensors to detect every movement.

It has a multi-touch surface with gestures, like pinch-to-zoom, scrolling one finger, swiping, etc.

It offers laser tracking technology.

It has touch-sensitive technology.

It has an ambidextrous build.

It has built-in software.

It has a multi-touch surface with gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom, swiping, one-finger scrolling, etc.

It has a hidden features for iPad.

Though Magic Mouse 2 costs a little more than Magic Mouse 1, we recommend you get your hands on Magic Mouse 2 as it has the same features as Magic Mouse 1 and even has additional features that make it better.

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How to Reset Magic Mouse 2 Without Mac

If you got your hands on a Magic Mouse from your friend and want to connect the mouse to your iPad but it isn’t connecting, resetting is the best choice in this scenario. Resetting the mouse will enable it to connect with new devices such as an iPad or a new Mac. We have provided the steps to reset magic mouse 2 without Mac as this option lets you hard reset your mouse to function properly. This method will disconnect your magic mouse from any older Mac or iPad it was connected to.

1. First, turn off your mouse.

2. Next, click on the apple logo and open System preferences.

Open System Preferences

3. Open Bluetooth to see if Bluetooth discovery is turned on.

select Bluetooth in system preferences Mac

4. Turn on the magic mouse and simultaneously press down on the click button.

Note: Do not let go of the button throughout the process.

This process will clear the magic mouse’s connection history and the mouse will register as a new mouse on your Mac or iPad. This should clear most connectivity issues as well.

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How to Reset Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard is a remarkable and comfortable device that enhances your experience while using the iPad or Mac. Just like the Apple Magic mouse, the Magic Keyboard is also wireless and rechargeable. It has an incredibly long-lasting battery that will power your keyboard for about a month and pairs easily with Mac. Want to reset your Magic Keyboard but don’t know how to? Fret not as we bring you the guide to reset Magic Keyboard. Follow the given steps.

1. Switch off the Magic Keyboard by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

2. Open System Preference on your Mac.

Open System Preference on your Mac. How to Reset Magic Mouse

3. Click on the Bluetooth option.

Click on the Bluetooth option

4. Next, click on the x icon to remove your connected magic keyboard.

5. Click Remove to confirm.

6. Finally turn on and pair the Magic Keyboard to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it worth it to buy Magic Mouse 2?

Ans. Yes, Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great choice if you are looking for a wireless mouse full of features, compact and is easy to use. Though there are a lot of alternatives, but Apple products are worth the money.

Q2. Should I turn off Magic Mouse 2 when charging?

Ans. No, you don’t need to turn off the Magic Mouse 2 as, while being charged, it becomes inoperable. So, when you have to charge it, you need to flip over the mouse which is why it is not necessary to turn the mouse off when charging.

Q3. How long does Magic Mouse 1 last?

Ans. Apple Magic Mouse 1 has rechargeable batteries that will last for about a month or maybe more. You can change the batteries right out of the box and it will be ready to pair with your Mac.


Resetting Apple Magic Mouse is really easy if followed the right instructions. We hope that you have learned how to reset Magic Mouse. Feel free to ask your doubts if any in the comment section below and add your suggestions too.

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