How To Remove Yourself From Whitepages

Remove your information from Whitepages to safeguard your personal data from public access.

Whitepages is a people search website that features a reverse phone lookup option. This lets users find the owner of a phone number in addition to allowing users to search for people by name, phone number, address, or email address. In their premium membership, Whitepages also provides further services like fraud screening and identification verification. If you are concerned about your information being accessible to everyone over the internet through the platform and have wonder how to remove yourself from Whitepages, then our guide will help you do the same.

How to remove yourself from whitepages

How To Remove Yourself From Whitepages

Whitepages, founded in 1997, serves as an online directory providing contact details and basic background checks for individuals and businesses in the United States. While the platform is valuable for locating people nationwide, having your information listed on it can pose privacy and fraud risks. To address this concern, our guide will walk you through the simple process of removing your information from Whitepages efficiently and effectively.

Quick Answer

To remove yourself from Whitepages, follow these steps:

1. On the official Whitepages website, enter your credentials and right-click on View full report.

2. Copy link address and visit the opt out page on Whitepages.

3. Now, paste the copied URL and click Next.

4. Finally, click Remove me.

Can I Remove my Phone Number from Whitepages?

Yes, you can remove any basic information like phone number, email address, address, and name that comes under basic membership. You can remove any information be it basic or premium from Whitepages in just a few easy steps.

How can I Remove my Mobile Number from Whitepages

You can easily remove your basic information from Whitepages through the Whitepages’ opt-out website.

Where is the Opt Out Page on Whitepages?

To find out where is the opt out page in Whitepages, read our guide on How to Opt Out of

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How to Get Your Information Off Of Whitepages

If you want to opt out of Whitepages and wondering how can you remove your premium information from Whitepages, then here is a guide on how can you get your information off of Whitepages in just a few easy steps.

1. Using any of your chosen browsers, go to the official Whitepages website.

2. After landing at the homepage, type your name and the location of your residence and select the Search option.

Enter your name and city and click on the Search option.

3. Based on the search results, right-click on View Full Report next to the one that is yours by searching for it.

Right-click on View Full Report

Note: As there are generally several other listings with your name, it can be challenging to find. Also, what makes it more difficult to find your account is spelling mistakes in the Whitepages database. But details like the names of your relatives and your age, which are among the first elements displayed, will help you find your specific profile.

4. Now, from the drop-down menu click on Copy link address to get the Whitepages listing address of that listing.

Click on Copy link address | how to remove yourself from Whitepages

5. Now on a new tab, open the opt-out website of Whitepages.

6. The next step is to paste the copied Whitepages listing address in the field given under Opt-out of the Whitepages and press the Next button.

Press the Next button.

7. Whitepages will display a box with your name and some other information and ask you to confirm that you are the same user. If so, choose to Remove me. If not, press the This is the wrong person, Take me back option, and confirm that the pasted URL is right.

Choose to Remove me or press the This is the wrong person. Take me back option

8. Choose a reason from the drop-down option and click Next.

Click on Next | how to remove yourself from Whitepages

9. Now, check the box followed by clicking on Call now to verify.

Check the box for Call Now to Verify

10. After that you will be redirected to another website, displaying a 4-digit code on your screen.

 4-digit code on your screen. | how to remove yourself from Whitepages

11. You’ll get a call from a Nicasio, California-based phone number shortly. It will only ring for around 10 seconds before disconnecting, so be quick.

12. As you answer the call, pay attention to the voice on the robo caller’s instructions. You will be prompted to input the four-digit code using the keypad on your phone. When you do, the robocall will inform you that your request has been granted and that you can visit the Whitepages website if you have any further inquiries. The call will then end.

Now if all the above steps are performed correctly to remove yourself from Whitepages, you will see a success message on refreshing that page.

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We hope that all your doubts about how to remove yourself from Whitepages are cleared now. Still, if you have any doubts, suggestions or issues feel free to comment in the box below, we will definitely respond to that. 

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