How to Press Enter in ChatGPT Without Submitting

Enter, but don't send before you've written it all on ChatGPT!

When using ChatGPT, you may find yourself wanting to insert line breaks or format your text without accidentally submitting your message. This can be particularly useful when composing longer responses or when you need to make adjustments to your text before sending it. In this guide, we will show you how to press Enter in ChatGPT without submitting your message, allowing you to format your text more effectively and avoid unintended message submissions.

How to Press Enter in ChatGPT Without Submitting

How to Press Enter in ChatGPT Without Submitting

ChatGPT’s interface is very easy to understand. Just type your command and press Enter to generate a response.

However, at times when you just don’t want to submit the text, but rather add more lines, you can press Shift + Enter.

Doing so will insert line breaks to your text and you can start a new line from there.

Another way is to use the ChatGPT Ctrl + Enter sender Chrome extension. Once installed, you can press the Enter key to shift to a new line. But to submit the input, you’ll need to press Ctrl + Enter

Note: This extension only works on a big screen wider than 768 pixels and not on a small screen.

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How to Go to the Next Line in ChatGPT on Phone

On your smartphone, it’s quite easy to start a new line on ChatGPT. Just press the return button on your mobile keyboard.

Just press the return button on your mobile keyboard

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What to Do When Pressing Enter No Longer Submits a Prompt In ChatGPT?

If you press Enter after writing a prompt on ChatGPT but it does not submit, you won’t receive a response and that can be annoying.

But, here’s how you can fix the issue. 

Method 1: Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

As you browse the internet, your browser starts to hold cache data which when corrupt can lead to multiple temporary errors. 

You can easily clear them out:

1. In your browser, e,g., Google Chrome, click on the three dots icon on the top right corner, and select Clear browsing data from the context menu.

2. Set the Time range and check the box next to Cookies and site data and Cached images and files.

3. Click on Clear data.

Set the Time range and check the box next to Cookies and site data and Cached images and files.. Click on Clear data.

Method 2: Disable Extensions

Sometimes third-party extensions installed on the browser can cause issues within websites and tools. So, it’s important to disable them.

Check our guide on How to Remove Extensions from Google Chrome.

Method 3: Boost Internet Connectivity

Check and make sure that the device has stable internet connectivity for ChatGPT to work smoothly. Otherwise, the prompt will not be submitted and you will receive no response.

Our guide on How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 11 will help you.

Method 4: Try Different Browser

You can access ChatGPT on a different web browser on your PC as there may be chances that the issue is persistent in the one you are currently using. 

Method 5: Wait for OpenAI Server Uptime

Check OpenAI server status, if are facing downtime issues due to heavy traffic or under maintenance. ChatGPT might not be working if that’s the case.

Method 6: Contact Support

If you’re still facing the problem, raise an issue on OpenAI support or send a mail to ChatGPT’s customer support at

We hope our guide helped you learn how to press enter in ChatGPT without submitting.

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