How to play a DVD in Windows 10 (For Free)

How to play a DVD in Windows 10 (For Free)

How to play a DVD in Windows 10: DVD is the abbreviated form of Digital Versatile Disk. DVD’s used to be one of the most popular forms of storage media before USB’s hit the market. DVD’s are improved versions of CD’s as they can store more data in them. DVDs can store up to five times more data than a CD. DVD’s are also faster than a CD.

How to play a DVD in Windows 10 (For Free)

However, with the advent of USB’s & External Hard Disk the DVDs were pushed out of the market because of the storage issue as well as they are less portable as compared to USB and External Hard Disk. After this also, DVDs are still used today mainly for the booting process and to transfer media files. In Windows 10, the Windows Media Player does not have DVD support so it becomes sometimes difficult to operate in this condition. However, there are certain third party options which can provide a solution to this problem.

How to Play a DVD in Windows 10 (For Free)

Some of the third party applications which can provide the solution of playing the DVD in Windows 10 are mentioned below:

#1 VLC Media Player

Visible light communication popularly known as VLC is a free media player which is a reliable media player for years. The download link for the VLC media player is here.

Open the exe file of the VLC media player, a black screen will open, press Ctrl+D to open the prompt where you can select which DVD you want to play. You can browse the DVD you want to play and you can watch it in the VLC media player.

The exe file you need to open after the download.

The exe file you need to open after the download

To browse the DVD press browse and select the DVD you want to play.

To browse the DVD press browse and select the DVD you want to play

#2 Daum Pot Player

Pot Player is an advanced media player which supports DVD play mode and also it has a great user interface as compared to other media player. To increase or decrease the volume just press the arrow keys in the keyboard and your volume will be adjusted. Pot player has advance UI as well as great speed as compared to other media players. Click here to download Pot Player.

Once you open the exe file of the Pot Player then you can press Ctrl+D, if there will be a DVD then it will show in the new pop-up and if there is no DVD present then it will tell no DVD found.

Daum Pot Player

#3 5K Player

Another feature-packed third party application which can play DVD for free in windows 10 is 5K player which has a wide number of features like Youtube video download, AirPlay and DLNA streaming in combination with a DVD player. 5K player is one of the best video streaming applications in the market. To download 5K Player go here.

Use 5K Player to play a DVD in Windows 10

You can play 5k/4k/1080p videos in it alongside download your favorite YouTube videos. It also supports almost every format of video and audio file which is available in the market. 5K player also supports hardware acceleration provided by various GPU making companies like Nvidia, Intel. Click on DVD to play the DVD you wish to play.

Use 5K Player

#4 KMPlayer

KMPlayer is one of the most useful media players which support all most every video format present. This can also play DVDs with ease. It is quick & lightweight video player which will play your DVD’s at high quality. To download KM Player go here. Click on the settings and then select DVD to select the path of the DVD you want to play and this media player will play it for you with ease.

Install KM Player on Windows 10

Select Settings and then to DVD preferences:

Select Settings and then to DVD preferences

How to Set Autoplay to DVD’s in Windows 10

Once you have find your perfect video player then you can go for Autoplay settings in your system. When autoplay the DVD setting is enabled then the as soon as the system detects any DVD it will start playing in the video player of your choice. The video player mentioned above are really good and you can try others also like Kodi, Blu- Ray Player and many other which offers rich features and support DVD play. In order to enable autoplay DVD settings in Windows 10, follow these steps.

1.Click on the Start menu or press the Windows.

2.Type Control Panel and press Enter.

Open Control Panel by searching for it using the Search bar

3.In the right side of the panel search in control panel for Autoplay.

4.Click on Play CD’s or other media automatically.

Click on Play CD’s or other media automatically

5.Under the DVD section, from the DVD movie drop down list, choose the default video player you want or you can also choose any other action which Windows should take when it detects the DVD.

From the DVD movie drop down choose the default video player

This is how you can make the settings of autoplay the DVDs in windows 10.


I hope the above steps were helpful and now you will be able to play a DVD in Windows 10 for free, but if you still have any queries regarding this tutorial then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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