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How to Move the Search Bar in Outlook Back Down

Make your Outlook experience even more personalized and efficient.

Outlook offers a wide array of features that help you to manage your emails, contacts, and calendar events. Initially, the search bar was located at the top of the messages which was convenient for a majority of users. However, an update from Microsoft pushed it to the title bar. Now, as the Outlook search bar moved to the top, this makes users wonder if they could fix it and move it back down. Let us discuss this in the article.

how to move search bar in outlook back down

How to Move the Search Bar in Outlook Back Down

By default, the search bar in Outlook is positioned at the top of the interface. If you find it more accessible to have the search bar in its old position, you may need to make some adjustments. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the position of the search bar. We can however follow some workarounds that could effectively get your issue resolved.

Method 1: Use Short Cut Keys

Though you cannot get rid of the search bar at the top of Outlook, you can enable a new search bar by pressing CTRL+F on your keyboard. Just launch Microsoft Outlook and press the said keys together.  

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Method 2: Use the Outlook Mobile App

If even that is not preferred, you can certainly use the Microsoft Outlook mobile app. Moreover, if you are worried about space on the device, there is also a lite version that will efficiently handle all your needs.

For Android: Microsoft Outlook; Microsoft Outlook Lite

For iOS: Microsoft Outlook

Method 3: Update Microsoft Office

If you do not prefer the mobile app, there is ultimately no solution but to wait for any update. Considering that many users were unhappy with the new look, there has been constant feedback reported to move the search bar in Outlook back down. Probably. Microsoft with a new update might restore its initial position. 

1. Launch Microsoft Store and click on the Library icon.

Open Microsoft Store. Then open the library option.

2. Now locate Microsoft Office and click on Update.

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Regrettably, that was it for our guide on how to move the search bar in Outlook back down. Now that there is no direct way to switch the position of the search bar, we hope these walkarounds help you. For any further queries or suggestions, drop a comment for us in the box below.

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