Express in Animation: How to Make Twitter Profile Picture a GIF

Create an eye-catching visual representation of yourself or your brand on Twitter.

Dear Twitterati, do you want your creative abilities to capture everyone’s attention and make you stand out among the crowd? Twitter offers several ways to personalize your profile and the profile picture is something that instantly catches everyone’s eye. So why not showcase it in motion? In this article, we will guide you on how to make your Twitter profile pictures a GIF.

How to make twitter profile picture a gif

Use a GIF for Your Twitter Profile Picture

Well, static images are not cool anymore. Animated profile pictures are dynamic and unique. Users can upload GIFs as their profile pictures on Twitter.

Note: You can only upload GIFs to the display picture if your Twitter account was created before 2013. Any account created beyond that can’t use a GIF.

Step 1: Choose the Right GIF

Although you can choose any GIF you like for the profile picture, it is advisable to choose the one that is relevant to your personality, interests, or brand. You can find one on the internet or create your own GIF using online tools like Giphy or Imgur. Also, make sure it should not contain any nudity or offensive material.

Step 2: Resize the GIF

The second step is to resize the GIF to fit the supported profile picture dimensions. For GIFs, the supported dimensions on Twitter are ideally less than 80 x 80 pixels (700 kb) to avoid missing the animation. You can use any online tool or GIF editing software that offers resizing GIF feature.

3. Upload the GIF File as Your Profile Picture

Lastly, upload the file as your profile picture. Follow the steps for this:

1. Launch Twitter and tap on the existing profile picture or icon at the top-left corner.

2. Tap on Profile, followed by Edit profile.

Tap on Profile, followed by Edit profile.

3. Tap on the profile picture icon under the header and then on Choose existing photo.

Tap on the profile picture icon under the header and then on Choose existing photo.

4. Select the GIF from the gallery and tap on Use at the top-left corner of the screen.

5. Lastly tap on Save at the top-right corner.

It may take a couple of seconds for your video file to be processed and uploaded as your profile picture. Once it’s uploaded, you can see it in action.

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Now that you know how to make a GIF as your Twitter profile picture, it’s time to showcase your personality, creativity, and humor on the platform. However, if you created your account post-2013 and could not use a motion profile picture, we understand your sorrow. But it is how it is. You can create your own aesthetics. If you have queries or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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