How to Italicize on iPhone in Different Apps

Italicizing texts makes a big difference when it comes to writing. From emphasizing an important part of a message to highlighting a certain section of a long text, it helps to add a flair to your notes.

Although it is quite easy to italicize texts from a desktop, some might have trouble knowing how to do the same on an iPhone. Not anymore! Let’s clear all your doubts so you can easily make your messages stand out.

How to Italicize on iPhone

How to Italicize on iPhone in Different Apps

There are various ways to italicize text on iPhone and the steps to format vary from different apps. We’ll guide you through most of it.

Note: Since not all versions of iOS offer the same features, some features mentioned in the article might not work. The following methods were tried on iOS 17.3.

Option 1: On Pages App

Here’s how you can turn your normal texts into italics on the Pages app:

1. Open the Pages app, type your message, and then double-tap on the word you wish to italicize.

2. Tap on the paintbrush icon at the top right corner of the menu and then on the Italicize icon at the bottom.

Tap on the italicize icon

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Option 2: On Email

You can also italicize messages on emails to emphasize certain parts of your context. Here’s how:

1. Open the in-built iPhone Mail app.

2. Tap on the Message icon at the bottom right corner to open a text field, type your message, and double-tap on the text you wish to italicize.

3. Tap on the arrow sign from the menu that appears and select Format.

Select Format

3. Finally tap on Italic and your selected text will be italicized in Mail.

Option 3: On Notes

Your in-built Notes app also has the option to italicize texts. Follow the steps to do the same:

1. Open the Notes app and type in your message.

2. Double-tap on the text you wish to italicize and tap on the font icon in the menu.

tap on the font icon

3. Tap on the italic icon.

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Option 4: On Numbers App

The Numbers app also gives you the option to italicize content on your iPhone. Follow the steps below to do the same:

1. Open the Numbers app and open the file of your choice.

2. Double-tap over the text and select Format.

select Format

3. Tap on Italic.

Option 5: On Reminders

Unfortunately, Apple removed the formatting text options from the Reminders app after the iOS 10 update and only kept a general Curved San Francisco font across all apps. So, it is now not possible for users to italicize texts in the Reminder app any longer.

Option 6: On Google Docs

You can also italicize messages on Google Docs on iPhone. Follow the steps:

1. Open Google Docs, open the targeted document and then double-tap on the text you wish to italicize.

2. Tap on the Italic icon from the bottom menu.

Tap on the italic icon from the bottom menu

Option 7: On iMessage

Unlike Notes or Email app, Apple is yet to provide the option to italicize texts on iMessage on iPhone.

Currently, there is no option for formatting texts on iMessage. However, if you wish to bold a text, follow our guide on How to Bold Text in iMessage to do the same.

Option 8: On Instagram

On iPhone, you can only italicize texts on Instagram using third-party apps.

Even if you try copying italic fonts from the Notes app and pasting them on Instagram, your texts will automatically go back to their normal font.

1. Open a text generator app. We have used Lingo Jam.

2. Type in your desired text, double tap on the italic text generated and tap on Copy.

tap on Copy

3. Open Instagram, long press over your text, bio, or caption while adding a text, and tap on Paste.

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How to Italicize on iPhone using a Text Generator

Follow the steps shown in the method above to italicize texts on iPhone via a text generator.

What are Alternatives to Italicize on iPhone?

Other alternatives to italicizing texts on iPhone are Bold, Strikethrough, and Underline options, available in the same menu. So, you can follow the same steps as above and choose these font formats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I make text bold and italicized at the same time on iPhone?

Ans: Yes, you can bold as well as italicize texts at the same time on your iPhone by simply tapping on both options.

Q2: Is it possible to make text underlined and italicized at the same time on iPhone?

Ans: Yes, you can select both the underline and italicize options over your selected text at the same time on your iPhone.

Now that you have understood all about how to italicize on an iPhone, make your messages stand out. Keep visiting TechCult to know the latest tech walkarounds. If you have any queries or suggestions, do reach out to us in the comment section.

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