How to Get on Discover Weekly on Spotify

Spotify provides a huge stage for artists to expand their fanbase worldwide. Additionally, when it comes to exposure, its playlist algorithms offer opportunities for artists to be featured in curated playlists and further get discovered by new listeners. 

Among other Spotify algorithmic playlists is Discover Weekly which you can get on to grow your fanbase easily. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

how to get on discover weekly on spotify

What is Discover Weekly on Spotify and How to Get on It?

Discover Weekly is a playlist on Spotify that uses its algorithm to analyze the songs you love or skip and learns your music preferences over time. Now, based on your listening patterns, you receive a curated playlist every week with new similar music to what you already enjoy.

It is updated every Monday morning and features a fresh collection of 30 songs as per your taste and preference. It encourages Spotify users to explore new sounds, genres, and artists. 

As an artist, here’s how to increase the chances of getting your music featured on a weekly playlist:

  • Release new songs regularly: Now, the more music you release, the more chance it has of being added to Discover Weekly. 
  • Get added to other playlists: Spotify algorithm analyzes data from all playlists from millions of users. You can create playlists featuring your music to connect with your target audience.
  • Encourage to engage more: Promote your work on other platforms including Spotify and encourage listeners to save and share your music and also follow your profile.

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What is Spotify Discover Weekly Reset Time?

Spotify Discover Weekly typically resets every Monday morning. However, there are occasional instances when the reset may happen on Tuesday instead.

How Does Spotify Discover Weekly Algorithm Work

Spotify adds songs to Discover Weekly based on three recommendation models: Raw audio track analysis, Natural language processing, and Collaborative filtering.

  • Raw Audio Analysis: It analyzes the raw audio tracks themselves.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): It considers metadata associated with each track, such as the genre of the artists, the song’s lyrics, and the tempo. 
  • Collaborative filtering: It records user actions on the platform, such as liked songs, skipped tracks, playtime of a song, and which artists are most streamed. 

Based on the data collected, the algorithm identifies similar songs and finds new tracks from Spotify’s library to create the Discover Weekly playlist. 

Release Radar Vs Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly is a weekly playlist that includes a mix of new and older music curated based on your preference, i.e., the type of songs you listen to or like the most.

On the other hand, Release Radar is also a personalized playlist on Spotify that focuses on new music releases. It is updated every Friday and includes recently released songs by artists you follow.

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Why is Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist So Popular?

Discover Weekly is so popular on Spotify because they are personalized to each listener’s specific music taste.

In simple terms, the success of this playlist lies in its algorithm. Many users believe the feature understands their tastes even better than they do themselves. Moreover, its surprise element adds excitement among users and keeps them engaged.

Why is My Spotify Discover Weekly Bad?

Some potential reasons why you discover the weekly playlist is not meeting your expectations could be:

  • You frequently skip songs on the playlist
  • You primarily listen to a few music genres
  • Lack of data on your preferences
  • Algorithm miscalculations

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What popularity score do you need for Discover Weekly?

Ans. While there is no specific popularity score that guarantees placement on Spotify Discover Weekly. However, a popularity index of 25% or above has a better chance of being featured on the playlist.

Q2. What does Spotify use to create Discover Weekly playlists?

Ans. Spotify uses a combination of collaborative filtering, natural language processing (NLP), and audio analysis to create the Discovery Weekly playlist.

Q3. What are some good songs on Spotify Discover Weekly playlists?

Ans. Some good songs on Spotify Discover Weekly playlist are; Shopper, Vibe All Night, Honey, Keta, Miami Vibes- Extended mix, Show Me, Wanna Dance – Original Mix, Fantasy, Playhouse – Kolter Remix, Lotta Dough, Pala Pala, All I Need, Play, Morning Sun, Come With Me, Your Arms, Dreams, Rock This, Prendeh, POV Siren, House Music, Tell Me, and many more.

We hope our guide helped you get on the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.

If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments section, and keep visiting TechCult for more interesting blogs.

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