How to Get on a Buzzing Playlist on SoundCloud

Are you a music creator and want to display your greatest new productions to music lovers? But, don’t know where to release your masterpieces? Then, SoundCloud’s Buzzing Playlist is for you. It is an initiative fueled by fans that highlight songs based on real fan engagement. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to get on a buzzing playlist on SoundCloud.

How to Get on a Buzzing Playlist on SoundCloud

What is SoundCloud Buzzing Playlist and How to Get on it?

Buzzing playlists are fan-driven and genre-based playlists that are updated weekly, and sourced from the artists who chose to have their tracks analyzed by fans first. It is an opportunity for artists to be heard and find new fans.

To feature your track on a Buzzing playlist of SoundCloud, you’re supposed to be a SoundCloud Next Pro artist. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Become a Next Pro Artist

Only chart-toppers from Next Pro artists selected by First Fans, an advanced analysis algorithm, have the privilege of hearing from Buzzing Playlist, among others. 

  1. Visit the SoundCloud Next Pro page subscription page.
  2. Choose the Pro subscription plan that is best for you.
  3. Set up an account on Next Pro with your login details.
  4. Comply with the on-screen directions to finish the signing up or upgrade processes.

Choose the Pro subscription plan

Step 2: Upload a Fresh New Music Track

Being a Next Pro artist, to get on a Buzzing playlist on SoundCloud, you must be among the top-performing tracks that SoundCloud manages on the site. Here’s the process to follow

  1. As a Next Pro Artist, upload a fresh track to SoundCloud.
  2. Sign up to get your music track scanned by First Fans, the music recommendation algorithm.
  3. After that, fans will listen to your upload and refer it to 100 individuals with similar music tastes.
  4. If your track succeeds, it will be forwarded to another 1000 people.

The most popular ones, streamed the most along with re-plays and playlist ads, will feature in the Buzzing playlist.

Upload a fresh track

How to Get Paid on SoundCloud As an Artist?

Next Pro provides you with all the artist-exclusive tools and discounts you can use to break through, grow your audience, and get paid. This service expands to music stores such as Spotify and Apple Music.

You can monetize your Next Pro Artist account and earn money by distributing your music through varied partners on SoundCloud. You will be getting payments according to the streams that have been made. To use this:

  1. Log in to SoundCloud and go to the Earnings section.
  2. Click the Payouts option
  3. Select + Add Payout Method and then specify Bank Transfer or Paypal.
  4. Fill in all the applicable fields, as an individual or a business.
  5. Then, go into your payout method detail and click on Submit a Tax Form.

Go to earning section and get started

How Similar is Buzzing Playlist to Discover Weekly on Spotify?

Both, SoundCloud Buzzing Playlists and Spotify Discover Weekly strive to aid listeners in exploring new music, but these applications work differently.

  • Buzzing Playlist: Users can enjoy the playlist of SoundCloud which is updated weekly and has tracks added by Next Pro artists depending on their real track engagement stats such as number of repeats, playlist adds, likes, comments, or re-share. These playlists have supported the artists in reaching their first 100 listeners with a new release, and some of the top tracks from this experiment are suggested to 1000 users who will listen to them.
  • Discover Weekly: It is a personalized playlist that runs every Monday with 30 songs that the users never listened to, based on their music preferences. It takes a combination of collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, and machine learning that includes audio feature extraction to recommend music to people.

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SoundCoud’s buzzing playlist is a community where artists can bond with fans, and it has become a launching pad for indie musicians.

We hope this guide helps you to feature your music on the buzzing playlist on SoundCloud. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, if there is any query or suggestion. Keep visiting the Techcult website for more helpful tips and tricks.

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