How to Get Gaming Mode on Android

Gaming is one of the most significant applications of Android phones used by millions of people worldwide. Android games are improving themselves a lot year by year. Mobile games have seen impressive development in recent years. Millions of players play these games every day on their Android smartphones. And who doesn’t want to have a nice gaming experience? To have a great experience while gaming, I am here with a suggestion.

How to enhance your experience with Android gaming?

Smartphone manufacturers have started producing their devices with in-built game launchers or game boosters. These apps tend to improve your experience with games on your Android smartphone. But are they really boosting your performance? Not completely. They enhance only certain parts to improve your gaming. If you wish to upgrade your gaming experience, there is one thing I could tell you. There is an application to meet your gaming needs called Gaming mode. Wanna know more? Do not miss out on the complete article.

What is Gaming Mode?

Do you get irritated when someone calls you when you are gaming on your smartphone? The irritation will be greater if that turns out to be spam or a promotional call. There is an ultimate way to get rid of calls while you are gaming. A great solution to this issue is to the Gaming mode app on your Android phone. You cannot only reject calls while gaming, but you can also do a lot more with the Gaming mode app.

Gaming mode the ultimate game experience booster

Gaming mode is an aid for gaming developed by zipo apps. It is under the Tools section of the Google Play Store. The free version of the app comes with ads. However, you can upgrade to the Pro version of the app to get rid of ads and access more features.

What are its features?

Features of gaming mode

Automatic Rejection of Incoming calls and Blocking of Notifications

Gaming mode takes care of unwanted calls and notifications so that you don’t miss out on crucial levels of your game. The handy white list feature allows important notifications during gameplay.

Disabling automatic brightness

Sometimes your hand can accidentally cover the ambient light sensor while you are gaming. This can lower your device’s brightness during your gameplay. By this feature of Gaming mode, you can disable auto-brightness, and set a desired level of brightness.

Clearing Background Apps

Gaming mode automatically clears apps that run in the background. This can free up more RAM and boost your gaming.

Changing Wi-Fi and Volume Settings

You can adjust your Wi-Fi state, Ringtone, and media volume for gaming. Gaming mode will remember all your settings and apply them automatically before each gaming session.

Widget creation

Gaming mode creates widgets of your games. Hence, you can launch your games directly from the home screen.

Auto Mode

The gaming mode app has an auto mode that detects when you open games and applies your gaming configurations. When you exit your game, the configurations are set back to normal.

Whitelisting apps

You can whitelist your important apps so that you always get your relevant notifications. You can also add a list of apps that you do not want to clear from the background.

Call settings

Gaming mode can allow calls from unknown numbers while you have turned on auto-reject. It will also allow calls from the same number if received repeatedly a certain number of times within a certain time.

Dark Mode

You can switch to dark mode to go easy on your eyes.

Switch to dark mode to go easy on your eyes

NOTE: Not all the features mentioned above are available in the free version. You might have to upgrade to the pro version for some features to work.

Upgrade to the pro version for some features to work| How to Get Gaming Mode on Android

How to get Gaming Mode on Android?

You can download the Gaming mode app from Google Play Store. After you have installed Gaming mode on your Android phone, you can start adding your Games. You need to manually add your games, as the Gaming mode does not differentiate between games and software.

Using the app

1. First, add your games to the Gaming mode app.

2. To add your games,

3. Select the + (plus) button at the bottom right of the Gaming mode.

4. Select which games you want to add.

5. Tap on Save to add your games.

Tap on Save to add your games

Well done! You have now added your games to Gaming mode. The games you added will appear on the home screen of Gaming mode.

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Adjusting the Settings

Gaming mode provides two kinds of Settings. That is, you can use either of the modes to adjust your configurations.

1. Individual Game Settings

2. Global Settings

Global Settings

As the name suggests, the configurations applied in this setting is global. That is, it would generally reflect on all your games you have added to Gaming mode.

1. Tap on the Settings gear icon on the top right of the screen.

2. Toggle on the Global Settings.

3. You can now alter any of the settings listed there. All you have to do is just toggle the configuration to turn it On or Off.

Toggle the configuration to turn it On or Off | How to Get Gaming Mode on Android

Individual Game Settings

You can also adjust individual Game Settings. These settings override Global Settings.

To configure Global Settings,

1. Tap on the Settings gear icon near the game for which you would like to adjust the settings.

2. Toggle on the Individual Game Settings for that game.

3. You can now alter any of the settings listed there. All you have to do is just toggle the configuration to turn it On or Off.

Just toggle the configuration to turn it On or Off | How to Get Gaming Mode on Android

Know more about Gaming Mode Permissions

In case you want to know more, you can go through the permissions that the app needs. I have also described why the app needs such permissions.

Permission to kill background apps: The gaming tool needs this permission to clear apps that run in the background. This can free up your RAM and provide great gameplay.

Notification access: Gaming mode requires permission to access your phone’s notifications to block app notifications while gaming.

Permission to read calls: This is to detect incoming calls during your game and block them automatically. This only works if you activate the Call Rejection feature.

Permission to answer phone calls: Devices that run an Android OS of 9.0 and above, require this permission to block incoming calls.

Permission to Access Wi-Fi State: Gaming mode requires this permission to turn the Wi-Fi state On or Off.

Billing Permissions: Gaming mode needs this permission to accept and process In-app-purchases to access Premium features.

Permission to access the Internet: Gaming mode requires Internet permission for In-app-purchases and displaying advertisements.


I hope you now know how to get Gaming mode on your Android phones. Ping me if you have any doubts. Do not forget to leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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