How to Get BOBT Maps on Android Device

Ever wished you could quickly access any new tracks or beware of mines near your trails while adventuring in a new locality? Look no further than BOBT Maps, your very own personal tour guide on the phone! Whether you’re a skilled cyclist or just recently started traveling, this app makes navigation easy for any user. However, it’s not that simple to get BOBT Maps, especially on your Android device. Therefore, today we will show you the way out!

How to Get BOBT Maps on Android Device

How to Get BOBT Maps on Android Device

After figuring out your way with BOBT Maps, you can travel to new locations, determine the quickest routes, and even find interesting localities in just a few clicks.

But since BOBT maps don’t simply come in any app, it may be confusing to know how to install them on your phone. Well, the wait is now over. Let’s see how:

1. First, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader and OruxMaps GP on your Android device.

Note: If your device does not have a File Manager, make sure you install it before starting. Additionally, you can also install Back Country Navigator PRO instead of OruxMaps GP to open the maps.

2. Go to the official website of BOBT Maps and tap on the link given on their page. 

Go to the official website of BOBT Maps and tap on the link given on their page

3. Scroll down and tap on Trail Maps.

4. Tap on BCN Pro Files and select WV-VA-KY public map from the folder.

6. Tap on DOWNLOAD to get your trail map on your device.

7. Now, go to File Manager > Download.

8. Long press on your trail map file and select Move or Copy. Here, we are choosing Move.

9. Select Internal Storage > bcnav > data. Tap on Paste and select OK to confirm your action.

Note: You can restart your device to make sure your downloaded app has been successfully read by the app.

10. Open the Back Country Navigator PRO app and tap on Trip Data at the right corner of the menu.


12. Tap on the WV-VA-KY Public map file to insert your map.

Are BOBT Maps Free to Use?

Yes, BOBT maps usually should be free to download and use as these are posted in public domains. However, there can be certain costs that apps might charge so that they can access and view special maps on their platform.

Are BOBT Maps Not the Same as Normal Location Apps?

BOBT maps stand for Beeline Open Bicycle and Trail Maps. These apps are specialized maps that are designed for cyclists and trekkers to view trails across their areas making them very different from normal location apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps

Do I Need to Download a Separate App to Access BOBT Maps?

If you are using an app that supports specialized map layers or overlays, then you do not need to download any separate app. But if you have the map in a file format, then you will have to download a BOBT Map reader app.

Can I Use BOBT Maps Offline on my Android Device?

Yes, some mapping apps offer offline features to view your maps. This can be beneficial when exploring areas with limited or no internet.

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Now that you know how to get BOBT Maps on your Android device, explore new places safely around you.

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