How to Find Prices for Parking Garage Locations on Waze Maps and Reserve It

Find, park, and go hasslefree with Waze!

While the streets are getting busier, it has become more difficult to find a parking spot than to reach your destination itself. Moreover, the added challenge is to locate an affordable and convenient spot nearby. 

Thankfully, with Waze Maps, you can now not only find parking garage locations but also reserve those spots in advance. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the process to ensure a stress-free parking experience in even the busiest of areas.

How to Find Prices for Parking Garage Locations on Waze Maps and Reserve it

How to Find Parking Garage Locations on Waze Maps

Waze has officially teamed up with Flash to provide users with information about parking garages, charges, wheelchair accessibility, and much more. According to their official blog, over 30,000 parking garages across the U.S. and Canada including major cities like New York, Chicago, and Montreal have been covered.

By integrating this into its mapping system, Waze simplifies the task of finding suitable parking options near your destination.

1. Open the Waze app, tap on the search bar at the top, and type either the address or the name of the place you wish to navigate to.

2. Select your destination from the list by tapping on it.

Once you’ve selected your destination, you’ll be presented with options for nearby parking, if available.

parking lots

Note: As third parties provide parking rates, they may not be available for all venues and might not be accurate in real-time.

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How to Reserve a Parking Spot on the Waze App

Once you’ve selected your Parking Garage, you can view details such as pricing, availability, and distance from your destination.

1. Long press the Parking Garage you want to navigate to.

2. When you see the Park Here option, tap on it.

3. Tap Go now to start your navigation

After selecting a parking garage and spot, review the reservation details including the date, time, and any associated fees. Ensure that all information is correct before confirming your reservation.

What is the Information Available About Parking Garages Provided on Waze?

Waze provides you with various information about parking garages to help you make informed decisions while navigating to your destinations. Some of the key information includes:

  • Location: Waze displays the locations of nearby parking garages relative to your destination or current location on the map.
  • Availability: You can see if parking spots are available in the garage in real-time.
  • Distance from Destination: Waze indicates the distance between the parking garage and your destination.
  • Navigation Integration: You can navigate to your chosen parking garage using Waze’s navigation system.
  • Reservations: In some cases, Waze allows users to reserve parking spots in advance directly through the app for added convenience, especially in busy urban areas or during peak times.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Waze may also include user-generated reviews and ratings for parking garages, helping you assess the reliability of available parking options.

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How Does Waze Know Where I Parked?

Upon reaching your destination and parking your car, Waze automatically adds a parking pin to the map, marking your car’s location. When you close Waze and reopen it later, you’ll find a walking estimated time of arrival (ETA) displayed for your car’s location, even before you initiate navigation to your next destination.

Note: Waze doesn’t support walking directions beyond an ETA to your parked car.

How to Mark Your Parking Spot on Waze

Parking pin helps you remember where you parked, especially in large parking lots or unfamiliar areas where it’s easy to forget. 

1. Open the Waze app and long press on the route where you’ve parked.

You’ll see a Red pin appear on the road.

2. Now, tap on the hamburger icon at the top, and then on Mark your Parking Spot.

What are the Additional Updates for the Waze App?

Waze regularly introduces new features and updates to enhance user experience and improve navigation capabilities. Some recent updates include:

  • Get help Navigating Roundabouts

It can be confusing to understand how to navigate a roundabout, particularly when you’re in an unfamiliar area. With insights from the local Waze community, you’ll receive clear directions on when to enter, which lane to select, and where to exit.

  • Safety Alerts for First Responders

You can now receive advance alerts when emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, are stationary along your route. This allows you to adjust your driving accordingly for enhanced safety of both yourself and first responders.

  • Speed Limit Alerts

With Waze’s real-time data on speed limits worldwide, you’ll now receive alerts when a speed limit is about to decrease along your route. This feature provides you with additional time to decelerate and adapt to the evolving road conditions safely.

  • Local Navigation Alerts

In addition to alerting you about hazards such as potholes, railroad crossings, and adverse weather conditions, Waze now provides early warnings about sharp curves, speed bumps, and toll booths. As these updates come from Waze’s community of drivers who actively maintain the map, you can be prepared for a smoother and safer drive.

  • Precise Route Information

Waze is simplifying access to information regarding users’ preferred routes. This feature provides live traffic updates and alerts about delays for you to compare your preferred routes with alternative ones. 

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Is the New Update on Waze Parking Options Available Globally?

While many features like Precise Route Information, Local Navigation Alerts, and Speed Limit Updates are launching globally, some functionalities are initially targeted at specific regions.

For instance, Safety Alerts for First Responders will be available in the US, Canada, Mexico, and France on both Android and iOS platforms. However, Waze plans to extend this feature to more countries shortly.

Regarding parking information, Waze is rolling out new features in the coming weeks specifically for users in the US and Canada including detailed information for over 30,000 parking garages across these regions, covering major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Montreal.

Waze Maps offers a convenient solution for finding parking garage locations and reserving them directly from the app. Moreover, the new updates are going to help us navigate through new routes easily.

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