How to Get a Taken Username on Instagram

Ensure your online presence is as unique as you are!

Everyone wants a unique username on Instagram for their strong online presence. However, this quest can become difficult due to the large volume of users. You’re not alone if you’re having trouble coming up with a distinctive Instagram username or eyeing one that’s already taken. Let’s explore some tactics to help you claim and get a taken username on Instagram.

How to get a taken username on Instagram

How to Get a Taken Username on Instagram

Explore your creativity and make a lasting impression on Instagram by creating a unique username that embodies your personality. Today we will provide you with several methods to get an occupied username on Instagram. Let’s check them out:

Method 1: Request Current User to Change their Existing Username

If you are serious about getting a username, you can directly text and request the owner to change their current username. If they are willing to give up their username, then your problem at hand can easily be solved without much work.

Method 2: Offer to Buy Username from Owner

Requesting the owner to change their username may also work if you propose some incentives. How about offering them a price to get your desired username? If you are seriously willing to invest in getting the occupied username, you can definitely opt for this method.

Offer to buy account

Method 3: Report to Instagram about Inactive Account

Instagram has some policies regarding inactive usernames. If your desired username belongs to an account that is consistently inactive for about 90 days, then you can report it to Instagram and you can easily claim your desired username.

Method 4: File Trademark Report

If you have already trademarked your desired username and you find someone else using it, then you can file a trademark report. Then, you can easily claim your desired name as Instagram is strict in its legal properties.

File a Trademark Report | How to get a taken username on Instagram

Method 5: Write Clear Statement to Get Occupied Instagram Username

Create a professional statement to submit to Instagram Support that includes a compelling reason to claim your desired name. It must be persuasive and reasonable enough to claim the username.

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What Will You Need to Get a Taken Instagram Username?

To get a pre-acquired username, you just need valid legal and trademark reasons in order to claim it. You can freely use the above-mentioned methods to claim your Instagram username in use.

What is Instagram Inactive Username Policy?

Instagram claims that accounts that are not used regularly for a period of 90 days are eligible for deletion. However, the company seldom deletes accounts that quickly. It usually takes years of inactivity to delete an account. The administration advises users to occasionally check in and use the site to prevent having their accounts terminated.

How to Get or Claim an Inactive Instagram Username

As mentioned above, you can report an inactive account on Instagram, and wait for their support team to reach out to you for confirmation which will give you the green light to change your name. Also, you can read our guide on How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username to do the same.

How Long Does It Take for a Username to Become Available After Someone Deletes Their Account?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific time duration for a username to become available after someone deletes their account. The time duration may vary from user to user and also the policies and procedures of Instagram.

deleted instagram account

Will Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, Instagram deletes inactive accounts periodically. However, the deleting criteria have not been disclosed by the Instagram authorities.

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What to do if You Don’t Find a Desired Username?

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, then you can show some creativity in your username. You can also add some underscore or any symbol to your username to make it unique for your online presence.

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It might be challenging for users to know how to get a taken username on Instagram. However, understanding the policies of Instagram and following the methods mentioned in this blog might help you get the name you want. If you are still facing any issues with the information provided in this article, your questions and suggestions are always welcome in the comment section.

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