How to Freeze Camera on Zoom

Do you find yourself constantly getting distracted by movement or other visual disturbances during your Zoom meetings? Don’t let those interruptions ruin your video calls any longer! Learn how to freeze the camera on Zoom to minimize distractions and keep your meeting on track.

How To Freeze Zoom Video

How to Freeze Camera on Zoom

If you find yourself in need of freezing the camera on Zoom for any reason, follow these steps:

Option 1: On Desktop

Follow the steps below:

1. Open Zoom on your PC and click the Gear icon to open the Settings page.

2. Move to the Background & Effects tab, and then in the Virtual Backgrounds section, click on the plus (+) icon.

click on plus

3. Click on Add images, select the image or video you want to use from your desktop, and click on Open.

4. You will see the selected image or video under Virtual Backgrounds. Click on it, to set it as a virtual background.

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Option 2: On Mobile

If your smartphone supports the split screen feature, you can easily freeze your camera on Zoom by following these steps.  If it doesn’t, you can download a split-screen application from the Google Play store or App Store.

1. First, capture a picture or record a video you want to set as your virtual background.

2. Navigate to Zoom, then join a meeting or start a new meeting.

3. Tap on the three-dots icon at the bottom right corner and then enable the Split screen option on your phone.

activate Split screen

Note: If you don’t see this option, you can directly open the Camera app to start the split screen.

4. Select the captured image or video using the split screen view and it will appear to be frozen during the Zoom meeting.

Is There an App to Freeze Zoom Video?

Yes, it is possible to freeze your camera on Zoom using a third-party app called freezingcam.

While Zoom itself has this functionality, freezingcam provides a quicker and more convenient way to do the same.

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Why Freeze Your Camera on Zoom?

Freezing your camera on Zoom can be a useful way to manage your presence in unwanted Zoom sessions.

You can maintain a stable image of yourself on-screen while attending to other tasks or stepping away from the meeting without attracting attention. This can be particularly helpful if you need to multitask or take a break during a session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Will People Know That I Froze My Video?

Ans. If you have set a live picture of yourself or a realistic background on a video call, others may not be able to realize that you have frozen your video.

Q2. Can You Freeze Your Camera on Zoom on iPhone?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to freeze your camera on Zoom on your iPhone through the split screen feature. Simply rotate your phone and then your camera will freeze. 

However, if you have an older version of the iPhone that doesn’t have the split screen feature, you need to download Split Screen Multitasking from the App Store to freeze your camera.

Q3. Is There a Way to Freeze Images or Videos While on Zoom Chat?

Ans. Yes, you can freeze an image or video on Zoom chat by using the Pause Share feature.

When someone shares their screen or an application, simply click on the Pause Share button to freeze the shared content. 

However, it is important to note that the availability of this feature may vary depending on the version of Zoom you are using, so, check for updates to access this functionality.

We hope this article helped you learn how to freeze the camera on Zoom.

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