How to Freeze Streak on Duolingo

Duolingo has gained popularity as one of the most renowned language learning apps in the market. It offers fun tools like Gamification, Explain My Role, and much more to make complex lessons fun. The Streak tool is another feature that helps users stay motivated and dedicated to their language learning process. But if you are traveling and wish to freeze your streak on Duolingo to prevent it from resetting, you’re at the right place! Let’s jump right in.

How to Freeze Streak on Duolingo

How to Freeze Streak on Duolingo

Keeping up a high streak score for days in a row has been a source of encouragement and satisfaction for many students on Duolingo. Therefore, knowing how you can freeze them is a lifesaver. To get a streak phrase make sure you have lingots the in-app currency you can get by completing lessons or practicing regularly on Duolingo.

  1. Open your Duolingo app.
  2. Tap on the Gems icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Streak Freeze.

Swipe down and tap on Streak Freeze

Your gems will automatically get detected and you can purchase the Streak Freeze feature. Now your streaks will automatically get restored if you miss 1-2 days of lessons.

How Much is a Streak Freeze on Duolingo?

The Streak Freeze is worth 200 gems in Android and iPhone and 10 lingots in the web version on Duolingo.

Why am I Losing Gems on Duolingo?

The primary reason you may be losing gems on Duolingo is because you may not have signed off your account while using the app on someone else’s phone and they are currently using your lessons.

What are the Streak Rewards on Duolingo?

The Streak rewards are exclusive prizes given to users after they accomplish certain streaks such as:

  • 30 days – Users will get a new app icon (not available for the web version) and Welcome Chest.
  • 100 days – Users get 3 extra Streak Freezes which increases their overall Streak Freeze to 5.
  • 365 days – Users get a VIP Status and their streak will be visible in leaderboards and profiles.

Do I Lose My Duolingo Streak if I Switch Languages?

No, as long as you are using the same Duolingo account, you are free to switch between them whenever you want without losing your streak.

Do Gems Cost Real Money in Duolingo?

Yes and no. You can earn gems by completing your lessons and doing daily quests on Duolingo. Additionally, you can also buy gems with real money from the app.

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Now you can easily use the Streak Freeze feature on Duolingo and make sure none of your progress is lost. Keep visiting TechCult to know the latest tech walkarounds. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments section.

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