How to Footplant in Skate 3 on Xbox

Execute stylish footplants with precise controller movements in this game.

Skateboarding is an action sport that allows you to express yourself through impressive tricks and smooth transitions. In the Skate 3 game, one trick that defines creativity and adds a special touch to your skateboarding style is the footplant. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to footplant and grind in Skate 3 on your Xbox console.

How to Footplant in Skate 3 on Xbox

How to Footplant in Skate 3 on Xbox

A Footplant in Skate 3 on Xbox involves jumping off your skateboard and planting your foot or feet on something, like a wall, pole, or something in the surroundings, before getting back on your board.

In the Skate 3 game on your Xbox, you can do a Footplant by performing the following steps:

1. Approach a slope or quarterpipe at a steady pace.

2. Hold down the Left stick to crouch just before you hit the edge of the quarterpipe or ramp.

3. Reach the edge to execute an ollie by flicking the Right stick in any direction.

4. To start the Footplant while in the air, hit and hold the B button on your Xbox controller for the grab control.

5. Press the Left stick in any direction while holding the B button to execute the footplant.

6. In order to get back on your board, release the B button.

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How to Do a No Foot Air in Skate 3?

In Skate 3 on Xbox, you can use these techniques to execute a no-foot air:

1. Push off or propel yourself into a quarter pipe or ramp to build up sufficient speed and momentum.

2. Hold down the Left stick and squat down by positioning yourself close to the edge of the quarter pipe or ramp at a slight angle.

3. Flick the Right stick upward as soon as you reach the edge of the ramp to initiate the footplant trick.

4. While in the air, quickly flick the Right stick downward and then immediately back up to execute a no-foot air. Your character will release both feet from the skateboard and grip onto the snout or tail of the board with their hands.

5. Hold the Right stick in the grasping position for as long as you can to maintain the footplant position.

6. Let go of the Right stick to release the footplant, allowing your character to resume their normal stance on the skateboard.

How Do You Grind in Skate 3 on Xbox?

In Skate 3, the term grinding refers to a skateboarding maneuver in which the skater glides along a rail, ledge, or other obstruction while standing on their skateboard trucks. On a variety of surfaces, such as metal tracks, concrete ledges, and hardwood benches, this feat can be executed by sliding along the surface while keeping balance and control.

These methods can be used to grind in Skate 3 on Xbox:

1. In order to grind, locate an appropriate rail or support.

Note: It should be high enough to enable a grind but low enough for you to leap onto.

2. Approach the rail or ledge quickly enough to jump the distance and rest on it.

Note: A quarterpipe or slope can be used as a place to push off or pump.

3. Holding down the Left stick will allow you to squat down as you approach the fence or precipice.

4. Use the Right stick to ollie by moving it down, then up, as soon as you are within reach of the rail or platform. Your character will then leap and fall on the rail or ledge.

5. Use the Left stick to change your position to maintain equilibrium once you’ve reached the fence or ledge.

6. To lock in the grind in Skate 3 and preserve equilibrium, press and hold the X button on your Xbox controller.

7. Release the X button and use the Right stick to flick down and then back up to leap off a rail or platform to escape the grind.

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Now that you know how to footplant in Skate 3 on Xbox, we are confident that this trick will help you master the perfect footplant. It will also add an extra level of style to your skateboarding maneuvers. Leave your questions or suggestions for articles to improve your skateboarding experience in the comments below.

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